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The giants battle is happening in June: Canon EOS-R5 rumored to be priced below $4,000. Sony A7sII successor priced the same?

In June we will have the final showdown! Canon is se to announced the pricing of the EOS-R5 and Sony will finally unveil the A7sII successor. According to new rumors the EOS-R5 will be priced just below $4,000 and I bet the Sony A7sII successor will have a very similar price.

The EOS-R5 is going to have 8K while the Sony is rumored to be a video workhorse with cooling vent which may make it more suitable for serious (and longer) video work.

One thing seems to be certain: While Fuji-Panasonic-Nikon are making a big pause all the spotlight will be on Canon and Sony from now on!

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