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Tamron says they will launch three new lenses for mirrorless in 2020

Within their new financial report Tamron discloses the launch of additional three lenses for mirrorless camera in 2020. I have near ZERO doubt those lenses are for the Sony FE system. Tamron also disclosed some other interesting marketing info:

Market Situation:

  • Digital SLR cameras decreased by 20% from the previous year. Digital SLR down by 41% whereas, Mirrorless up by 4%from the previous year.
  • Interchangeable lenses decreased by 12% from the previous year:APS-C down by 23% from the previous year; Full-Size down by 6%from the previous year.
  • DSC decreased by 18% from the previous year.

Tamron Situation:

  • With the strong sales of mirrorless models, the total sales of own-brand models kept the same level, with only 3% decrease, compare to the previous year; whereas, the market shrank more.
  • The operating income sharply increased from the previous year due to the higher gross profit margin from the newly launched own-brand models, together with the lower SGA expenses.


  • Without the assumption of market growth,profitability improvement is the highest priority.(Higher gross profit margin of own-brand with lower business operation costs.)
  • The sales and profits are expected to decline due to the continued decline of the markets, Operating profits margin is expected to keep high level.
  • With newly launched mirrorless models, the sales of own-brand models is expected to increase the sales compare to the previous year.
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