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Strange rumors: Nikon to launch a mirrorless Full Frame camera with… F-mount?

Image courtesy: Nikonrumors.

Nikonrumors reports that Nikon is developing a Full Frame Mirrorless camera. In a recent interview at Dpreview Nikon stated that there would be no need for a larger sensor mirrorless camera. But maybe they were just trying to hide their cards. What’s strange with the rumor is that apparently Nikon will keep the regular DSLR F-mount for that camera! Just like Pentax did with their bulky K-mount mirrorless cam. Don’t know if it makes sense to keep a mount with long flange distance for a mirrorless camera…

Anyway, those are the rumored spec of the camera:
mirrorless / mirrorless-styled
the camera will be small (about the same size as the Olympus E-M1)
no EVF
regular F mount
currently being field tested
the official announcement is expected in late 2015 or early 2016

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