Sony RX100 with 1 inch sensor leaked!

Here it is the new Sony RX100 high end compact camera! It has been leaked at Digicaminfo. And the specs are very interesting:

  • 13.2X8.8Mm Exmor CMOS sensor type 1.0 effective number of pixels 20.2 million pixels
  • Monitors – LCD (4:3), 3.0-inch, 1,229,000 dots
  • Lens Vario-Sonnar T * is
  • The focal length is 30-108mm (4:3) equivalent 35mm, 29mm-105mm (16:9)
  • The brightness of the lens is F1.8-4.9
  • Minimum focusing distance is 5cm, wide-tele 55cm at the end
  • The standard number of shots (conforming to CIPA) 330 sheets / min – 165
  • 30-valve second shutter speed is 1/2000 in the manual
  • ISO sensitivity (100 and 80 in the expansion), NR ISO125-6400 by Auto: Auto ISO125-25600 in the
  • Second continuous shooting is 10 frames / second 2.5 frames / continuous shooting in priority mode in normal mode –
  • Still images JPEG, RAW
  • 1920×1080 60p AVCHD video 28M
  • Size 58.1X101.6X35.9Mm
  • The weight (including battery and Memory Stick Duo) 240 g
  • Color: Black
  • OnlyMe

    I was excited until I read 20 megapixels :(


    how come this marketing device is a mirrorless rumours worth news?

    • Adam

      Because it has the potential to compete with Nikon’s 1 series of camera that have the same sensor dimensions.

  • Mr Hipsta

    Another camera without viewfinder. They never listen to what people want, do they?

    • Adam

      You have the NEX-7 for that.

  • Rob

    Ugh, 20MP, and only 30mm/29mm-e on the wide end? Looks nice though, and hopefully that ring around the lens is a very useful control dial like on the Oly XZ-1. When will we see a large sensor compact with 10-12MP and fast 24mm-e wide angle? Maybe the next Panasonic LX! A guy can dream, right? Until then, my LX3 is here to stay!

  • Fenton

    An OK first step, Next generation: accessory port for EVF/external flash, Waterproof to 50ft, screw-on fish-eye and 2x converters

  • Kylberg

    The lack of EVF turns me off. Wonder why 20mpix? Nice looking though.

  • Camaman

    It is 20MP because they are still using the momentum of the past years R&Dwhen more MP was still in…

    • Miroslav


  • Jared

    What’s with you guys and your viewfinders?

    • Miroslav


      There’s a Canon G1X with VF with similar specs and larger sensor.

      • Kylberg

        The Canon G1X optical veiwfinder is a joke!

    • Kylberg

      I am old and my eyes are not sharp enough for a (distant) monitor :-)

  • Jonas

    Yet a camera for those who don’t care much for controlling shutter, aperture, and exposure compensation. But hey, the scene dial is there, and ASM for menu controls. Blergh

  • thethirdcoast

    No grip = complete ergonomic failure

  • Brad H.

    Hopefully Ricoh can stuff a sensor like this into their GR series.

  • Harold GLIT

    let s see :a 30mm FOV at the widest setting, no finder be it OVF or EVF;20MP on a small sensor. I think it is clearly a gadget

    wish they had done a sony R2 instead. to follow on the R1. Now that was an interesting camera

  • Izumi

    Not our cup of tea then, lads.
    Roll on the Pen Pro, my piggy-bank’s getting fat.

  • Zony

    What !? No Pepto Bismol Pink color option ? Can I at least get a Hello Kitty case for it ?

  • tkpenalty

    I question the use of a 30-150mm zoom, especially given how much the lens slows down at the telephoto end of things. Although, this is VERY interesting. We finally have a ‘medium’ sized sensor with bsi, so at 20mpx I don’t think IQ should be too compromised.

    But where the heck is the hotshoe?

    Also the irony, when a compact like this has more control dials/manual controls than their NEX cameras.

  • Miroslav

    This is what Nikon 1 should have been.

    Sell all your Nikon 1 gear before it’s too late! Ah wait, there’s almost no Nikon 1 gear ;).

  • Jun

    These days all the makers seemed like they decide to go high price for any products. I assume this would be $800~900 at least.

    Without viewfinder…
    Not the screen like F3…

  • fenton

    I don’t see anything about wireless capabilities. Remote flash trigger and remote monitor/camera control options would be interesting in a camera like this. No need for hot shoes and tilt-screens… More useful than a “post to facebook” wireless function (although that would inevitably be included)

  • Jack Le Boul

    I think that the most important factor is going to be the lens.
    Yes 20 MP is “heavy” for a 1 inch sensor and 30mm is not that wide.
    But, lets wait and see how fast (AF) and sharp the lens is.

    If it is anything near the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 then I believe the camera will be a winner.
    Just compare the Zeiss lens on NEX 5 & 7 with the the kit lenses, it is a complete difference camera.

    BTW, most reviews for Nikon 1 (f/3.5-5.6) and Canon G1X (f/2.8-5.8) said that they were let down by the lenses.

    Sony has (f/1.8-4.9)

  • Otaku

    Small and light P&S if image quality is good.. But w
    hy is everybody stuck on 4/3
    Photopaper is 3/2, monitors are or even 16/9 nobody needs 4/3.

  • David

    raw. Raw! RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (but where’s the grip?)

  • JesperMP

    F1.8 at the wide end is very good. That it goes to F4.9 at the long end is not so good, but to be expected.
    I would have liked to have an EVF, or a tilting LCD, or both.
    And why no grip Sony ? You have nice grips on your NEX cameras, so why not on this one ?

  • Dcartist

    The quality of a zoom lens at f1.8 on the wide side at 29mm equivalent, built into a $650 camera, is not going to remotely compare to a 24 mm/f1.8 prime lens that costs over $1000. It’s gonna have a lot of barrel distortion and other issues.

    I’m sure it’s a great lens FOR a zoom, but it’s ridiculous to expect it to be anything like a high end prime lens, Jack Le Boul.

    Those reviews that complained about the lenses on the Nikon 1 and canon G1X were not Happy with the specs (too slow, not wide enough). The lenses themselves are actually considered decent to good for their specs and size. I would expect similar from the Sony.

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