Sony preparing the launch of many new mirrorless cameras within the next 2-3 months.

I got this info from trusted sources. Sony worked hard on a whole bunch of new cameras. At least four new NEX cameras are expected to come between now and end of the year. Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumor. I hope to get some more info soon.

Oh, not to forget: At least one of the new cameras is a Full Frame NEX! Leica should be worried…

  • Paulo Moreira

    No, not really, there is nothing to worry Leica. Leica is not for people who enjoy taking pictures and are not millionaires! Also, sadly, the NEX system is second or third best when it comes to optic quality. I have a Nex7 and I quit using Sony lenses, I prefer not to have AF and have outstanding picture quality with my manual focus Nikon lenses.

    I do hope that Sony does not make the same mistake twice, having a great sensor and mediocre lens.

  • madmax

    Not very excited about this. Probably, pricing way too high again (RX1&RX100 like).

  • John Maverick

    Even at > $3k I will buy it in a heartbeat, if it performs decently with my M lenses.

  • tecnoworld

    I’ll patiently wait for a ff coming from samsung, with nx mount.

  • Joe B.

    “At least four new NEX cameras are expected “…

    – 1 VG nex camcorder
    – 1 FF nex
    – 1 RX10
    – 1 (traditionnal) nex cam

    It sounds more realistic like this to me…

  • Emuga

    I am putting my money that Sony will release some Nex cameras with the new XAVC S codec (where “S” stands for consumer 8-bit version — unlike F55 and F5 that has 10-bit XAVC for video).

    I also won’t be surprised if some of these cameras can do 4K video. That will justify the price especially for FF Nex.

    It’s also possible that these cameras will have new much improved PDAF AF

  • khuzul

    The FF NEX will be mine as soon as it comes out, I’ve been waiting for a compact full frame interchangable lens camera that isn’t a Leica for a long time now!

  • FMJ

    @ Paulo Moreira, don’t forget the Olympus/Sony partnership.

    Sony will for sure benefit from Oly’s lens tech and possibly thier 5-axis system too. oh, and Jpeg engine

  • someone

    Leica will still be OK. Silly old men love their Leicas. They would pay 10 times as much for a NEX FF with a Leica badge on it. It’s about status for them, not cameras.

  • RobertRJ

    Why should leica be worried?

    I use both a nex 5n and leica (M9P) and they are totally different kind of camera’s. Even if the nex had good handling and a FF sensor the still differ from each other.

    It really is apples and oranges.

  • Henry

    So I’m not the only one who’s seen a Leica guy taking photos with the lens cap on! I’ve seen several throughout my lifetime. Crazy….while Leica is an aspirational brand for good reasons, it certainly does attract some stupid people.

  • Eisenvater

    lol – The Leica 240 is an excellent designed camera… for myself to expensive, too heavy but a good camera and more versatile as the Sony RX-1 … ->

    There are few reasons to buy it …

  • Camaman

    Thats great Sony.
    Any lenses…?

  • Jimbob

    Leica might be happy. If their lenses work well on the new ff nex then it’s a whole new market for them. Their cameras may not be that great but their lenses certainly are.

    • madmax

      Oh! What a great deal! I can´t wait to buy some Leica lenses and put them in front of my FF Sony! The 50mm f/0.95 for only $11000 is a bargain and for poor people you can also get the 50 mm f/1.4 for only $4000!. Also need to buy a very cheap Sony FF camera for another $6000, viewfinder, of course is sold separetely.

  • Jimbob

    Try not to get too mad Max. I’m simply pointing out the facts that some people may wish to purchase the new ff nex and perhaps put a Leica lens on it. They aren’t cheap but it’s easy to highlight your point by citing one of their most expensive lenses as an example. How about picking up a 50 cron for $2000 and the new nex body might be at a more realistic guess than yours, say $4000 (with built in viewfinder think nex 6 nex7) and you have a ff compact 50mm solution for the price of an m body. Might not be in your price range, might not be on your wish list but sure will be on others. That said will be interesting to see what lenses are released with this camera. I bet my bottom dollar a 50 mm Zeiss is one.

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