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Sigma Q&A: Talks about f/1.8 zoom and mirrorless strategy

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Imaging Resource interviewed Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. Here are some key insights:

1) Why Sigma opted for a mirrorless system camera:
“There are many advantages [for a mirrorless camera over a DSLR]. The [lower] focus accuracy and mirror shock [of a DSLR], does not exist in the mirrorless system. So we decided to go to mirrorless.”

2) Why Sigma opted for a new APS-H sensor:
“We thought that if we go to full-frame, the file size would be huge and the processing speed would be very slow. So we thought that APS-H is a good size for the customers.”

3) About future f/1.8 zooms:
“We’d like to expand this series, but it’s quite challenging, so we are not sure if we can develop another lens.”

4) Asked if Sigma will keep developing lenses that fit fot both APS-C and MFT mirrorless systems:
“If we can increase the sales volume, we can reduce the cost, and we can provide the products which the customers want.”

5) Why the new SD Quattro camera don’t record video:
“Because we have the three-layer stack, so the data size is about two times or three times [as much as a traditional sensor].”

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