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Samsung NXF1 could be the first Sony A7-A7r competitor!

The NXF1 model number

Samsung likes to hint their future camera strategy by listing not yet announced cameras on their support page. Today there is a new NX camera called “NXF1“. And that added “F” gives us big hope that thisĀ  will be the first Samsung Full Frame mirrorless camera. If that’s true it will have to be damn good to compete against the just announced Sony A7 and A7r cameras!

To nor repeat their failure with the APS-C NX series Samsung has to reinvent the wheel with the new FF system. I hope they come up with some features that really MAKE a difference. On my wish list:

– Foveon Full Frame sensor
– Hybrid viewfinder like the Fuji X-PRO 1
– Price $1000

I know I am dreaming here. But if they only do one of the mentioned points than yes they will have my attention :)

via Dpreview forum.

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