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Samsung NX Mini 2 gets leaked in Netherland!

The Dutch site leaked the new Samsung Mini 2 camera. It has a 20.5 MP sensor and records 4K. Some more specs:

stereo audio
sensor seems the same one as in the current NX Mini
super amoled display instead of lcd (resolution of new screen unknown)
retractable flash in body (indirect flash seems possible)
external flash connector removed
DirectLink-button disappeared. On/off-button gone to the back, next to new flash-button
D-pad now with scrollwheel (!)
1820mAh-battery/400 shots (instead of 2330mAh/650 shots for NX Mini)
separate door for battery and connectors
metal rings on both sides for neck strap (instead of compactcamera style wrist strap provision)
marking for sensor plane on top
more ‘manly’ styling…
and last but not least … interchangeable front…

via Xarafan on Dpreview

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