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Pentax announces body caps lens for the Q system (a la Olympus).

Pentax just “copied” Olympus idea and announce a new body cap lens for the Pentax Q system (Source: Dpreview). And the press text contains absolutely no info about the lens aperture and other useful details like price. We only know it will be released in March. Oh by the way, the Olympus body cap lens got DxOmarked and guess how good or lens ranked in the lens database? It’s the on 2872nd place :)

And let’s keep that boring level of new products announcement very low with the next official announcement….the Olympus 75-30mm II lens (Source: Dpreview).

God, what’s going on? CES and CP+ shows have almost been completely ignored by the companies and no new really exciting camera and lens has been announced. It’s the first time I see this and I am trying to figure out if that is just casual or if the economic crisis may have slowed down the product release cycle. You may know more than me???

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