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Panasonic G5 coming soon. New NEX high end camera at Photokina?

On the rumor front we got some news about Panasonic and Sony. Let’s start from the soonest to come camera…the Panasonic G5. It’s very likely that this camera is going to be announced within the next 7-10 days. it will be a modest update of the current G3. No revolution, for a more “exciting” news you will have to wait until the GH3 announcement in September. Ops, almost forgot, there may be a new m43 lens too along the G5!

A rumor coming from unkwonw mysterious Sony sources said that a new NEX high end model may be announced or displayed (?) at Photokina in September. Wondering what Sony will do to convince us to spend more money than you already have to spend on the NEX-7…

As a reminder, Olympus PEN and Samsung NX cameras are also coming at Photokina while Canon may anticipate the announcement to late July.

That’s it for now. P.S.: Did you here something about Nikon?

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