Mega mirrorless size comparison by serious compacts!

Above (left to right): Olympus mZD 14-42mm lens (kit zoom for Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras, shown collapsed), Sony NEX 18-55mm lens (kit zoom for Sony NEX cameras), Panasonic 14-45mm lens (kit zoom for Panasonic G1 and GF1), Panasonic 14-42mm lens (kit zoom for Panasonic G2 and G10), Samsung NX 18-55 (kit zoom for Samsung NX10)

Above (left to right): Sony NEX 16mm f/2.8, Samsung 30mm f/2, Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.

Above (left to right): Olympus E-PL1 with Olympus mZD 14-42 (collapsed), Sony NEX5 with Sony 18-55, Panasonic GF1 with Panasonic 14-42 (Sorry, wrong kit lens pictured; should have been the 14-45, which is slightly smaller as shown in the first image in this post)

Above (left to right): Panasonic GF1 with Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, Sony NEX5 with Sony 16mm f/2.8, Olympus E-PL1 with Panasonic 20mm f/1.7


Weird rumors: Canon and Samsung to make Medium Format cameras?

I confess, I would love to own a digital “mirrorless” medium format camera a la Mamiya 7 ;) May those dreams will become a reality?

According to CanonrumorsCanon is having some interest in purchasing a medium format company. Apparently they’ve moved to the point of actually opening the companies books.“.

But Canon is not the only big company moving in that direction. Via
we learned that “A kind of noise caused by many large companies the agreement between the three incoming. The agreement will create a high-end photographers, photo artists and creators to create the new system.
Samsung, Schneider – Kreuznach finishing and Alpa is a big deal to create a photographic Association (SSA) to create the first fully digital, medium format camera system.
Samsung Electronics, Mr. President, Secretary Department of Justice Park said: “Each company in each of the consortium of professional and high quality system for the medium format of the sensitive components of the professional, we have completed the first medium-format CMOS sensor, and the first model electronic components. “
Schneider Optics CEO Dwight Lindsey said: “To our actual Alpa lens system will fit with the new system, we have taken the same mount, but we are working on a new formula for the optical system and fully electronic oriented. “
In fact, we do not have information, or in this new system will be published.

They are talking about a new system, MF cmos sensor and schneider lenses.

Let us dream….

New Nikon patent discloses mirrorless camera with EVF

Nikon is continually registering new mirrorless camera patents. The lates patent shows clearly how the EVIL camera could look like. And those are the patent details:

* Patent Publication No.2010-161569
o published 2010/07/22
o filled 2009/01/07
* Problems
o At the time of lens desorption, useless thing invades the camera inside.
* Conventional technology and problems
o It make a protective cover.
o A lens end may come in contact with the protective cover.
* A patent of Nikon
o A Imaging Box
+ Sealing up space
+ It is formed by protective cover and OLPF, image sensor.
+ Rubber and resin are used for a connection of protective cover and imaging box.
+ Rubber and the resin are form of ring.
o It possesses a sensor detecting lens desorption.
o At the time of lens desorption, protective cover is pushed inside.
* The embodiment of the patent
o It does not have a mechanical shutter(only use an electronic shutter).

Source: Nikonrumors

The mirrorless 3D battle begins! Panasonic announces the first 3D lens!

Sony calls Panasonic answers! The 3D battle is getting hot and today Panasonic announced a new 3D lens which will work on all current $loc = $_SESSION[‘geoip’];

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if ($sel != ‘1’)
{?>MicroFourThirds } ?> models! You just need to make a firmware upgrade…that’s it! Sadly, the the lens is expected to be sold by late 2010 and the price has also not be unveiled. The question now is what will work better? The software based 3D form Sony or the optical based 3D from Panasonic? We have to wait to get the answer.

Press release:
DDay (italian)

Exclusive on mirrorlessrumors: Sony to drop their fullframe line. Focus on NEX system!

According to our sources Sony is currently very close to the decision to stop their DSLR Fullframe development (lenses and cameras). There are many reasons why this could/will happen:

1) Sony wants to focus on the development of the NEX system. For the first time they see the chance to increase their market share!
2) Sony wasn’t able to earn money from their FF cameras and it is expensive to keep and develop three different lens-systems (APS-C and FF DSLR and NEX).

The next FF was expected to be announced in 2011, but everything is uncertain now. Maybe the A850 was the last Sony FF camera! Some thoughts about that decision have been posted on bythom (by Thom Hogan).

So after Olympus also Sony could drop their classic “DSLR” camera development. But keep in mind, those are long-term decisions. You will still see new DSLR from Olympus and Sony at Photokina. But in 2011…

Sony will now force the development of NEX cameras and lenses. More news about that soon on mirrorlessrumors!