Once again Fuji confirms they will may (re-)enter the interchangeable lens market!

Even at the prestigious Amateur Photographer magazine Fuji confirmed they will may re-enter the interchangeable lens market. Now let’s hope it will not take that long. The FUji Guys alreayd promised us some surprise product in September and tehre are alreayd rumors about Fuji rady to join the m43 system.

Let’s see!

One more thing: There are new detailled Fuji X100 reviews at TheOnlinePhotographer (Click here) and Neocamera (Click here). And those are the direct X100 search links at [shopcountry 100018].

Breaking news: Also the Samsung NX200 announcement has been delayed!

Since days there are rumor floating around the web saying the NX20 has been delayed till early 2012. Now I just got the info from reliable sources saying that also the NX200 would come a bit later than expected (and not in July). I have been told that also the lenses would come on market a bit later than expected because they are undergoing some last minute design changes. I don’t know yet the reason for the delay of the camera.

I now expect the NX200 to be announced in late August/early September only!


NX200 in July, but NX20 in January 2012 only?

During the last couple of weeks some of our sources told us that the NX20 announcement would be delayed. Now according to the russian forum forum.ixbt.com said that a Russian Samsung Photo Consultant confirmed the NX200 would be announced in July, but the NX20 would come in January 2012 only!

My guess is that the rumor is correct. I only got info and some specs about the NX200 in these days. As you know the NX200 should be announced within the next 6 days!

Stay tuned!

New Samsung announcement between July 11 and 17!

The Download Center from Samsung already had the NX20 and NX200 in the database since weeks! But finally a trusted source told us when we will see the new Samsung camera for real! We expect Samsung to announce them between July 11 and 17! Both cameras should feature the new 18 megapixel sensor. We got a few tidbits about the NX200. It should have 1080i60 recording but without full manual control (much like Panasonic G3).

P.S: Some new sources told to me the NX20 could be announced later (take that with a grain of salt).