Interview with Pentax at ePhotozine (New mirrorless coming at CP+ show? K-mount module too?)

Jonathan Martin from Pentax has been interviewed by ePhotozine (Click here). When asked about the how well the Pentax Q has been received he simply answers that is it a great camera. I guess this means that it isn’t exactly a hotseller :)

What’s really important are the following two statements: When asked about a possible new mirrorless product from Pentax he said: “2012 is going to be a very exciting year, and that news is already out there, although we can’t go into details.“. This sounds like a clear “YES” to me.

And here comes the news I got from one of my trusted sources. He said that Pentax will launch a new mirrorless camera system at the CP+ show in Japan (mid February). He also heard that it will be launched with one pancake lens. I hope more sources can soon give me more details about the system. Stay tuned!

And Amateur Photographer (Click here /via Ricehigh, via Noisycamera) reports that Ricoh is considering the release of a K-mount module.

P.S.: Also Sony, Panasonic and Olympus will launch new cameras and lenses right before the CP+ show!

Fuji France sets the final X PRO 1 price!

Zone Numérique (Click here) got the final X PRO 1 price info via Fujifilm France:
– body only: €1,590
– 18mm and 35mm lenses: €579
– 60mm macro lens: €629
First kit (body + 35mm f/1.4) available in 2 months.

The only thing we miss now is more preorder options! Right now I only found Expansys USA (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here), Henrys Canda (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here). You can get notification at Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

(Thanks Mistral)

First real Fuji X PRO 1 ISO test and comparison with Nikon D700.

Finally you can see a first ISO and sharpness test at (Click here / via Fujirumors). The image-crop you see on top (Click on it to enlarge) compares the Fuji X PRO 1 (35mm @ f/1.4) sharpness with the Nikon D700 (AF-S @ f/1.4) sharpness. At a first glance the Fuji looks a tack sharper. But please keep in mind that we need more tests to be sure of that. The sharpness also depends from other factors like lens and image processor. But it’s so great to see an APS-C sensor beat the quality of a Full Frame sensor! Really makes me wonder what a Full Frame Fuji could do!

Here are the direct links to the images:
X PRO 1 versus D700 (Nikon on the right)
X PRO 1 ISO table (ISO 100 up to 25.800)
35mm lens center sharpness (at different apertures)
35mm lens corner sharpness (at different apertures)

I want to thank Vlad for the great test! He did what big websites didn’t do! Will bookmark your website now :)

P.S.: You can preordet the Fuji X PRO 1 at Expansys USA (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here). You can get notification at Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).


Sigma interview: Wants to focus on lenses for M43 and NEX systems.

There is a new interview at Imaging Resource (Click here) with Kazuto Yamaki, Chief Operating Officer of Sigma Corp. The few interesting points are:

1) People are interested in high quality lenses, so primes are becoming more popular everywhere in the world.
2) for compact system cameras, we think the Sony system and Micro Four Thirds are the categories that we should support.

The most important point is that it looks like Sigma wants to develop lenses that will work on booths systems, NEX and m43. This will save them some money but in my opinion that is not the right approach. For three reasons:

1) Lenses designed for m43 could be considerable smaller.
2) Focal lengths are different. If you design a 16mm lens, this will become a 24mm on the NEX and a 32mm on the m43.
3) Every systems needs different lenses. There is a different need for lenses for m43 than for NEX.

Don’t know what you think guys :)

Canon G1 X preview and images samples (dpreview, lenstip, electr0nista,slashgear and more)

Th most high end of all high end compact camera is getting tested by many websites. The Canon G1 X should become the first camera to compete against the mirrorless world which is currently dominated by Olympus-Panasonic-Sony. The most amazing achievement from Canon is certainly that tiny 4x zoom lens. It proves that Canon mirrorless system could offer soom nice pancake zooms. As Canon managers revealed last week, small size is one of the two main aspects of their future  inetrchangeable mirrorless system (the other aspect is “image quality”). So here are the G1 X related news:
Lenstip (Click here) posted a set of full size Canon G1 X image sample.
Dpreview (Click here) updated their preview including some image samples.
Electronista (Click here) also “played” a it with the camera.

And here is a video from Slashgear:

Preorders are available at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

The Verge: NEX-5n best mirrorless, Nikon 1 worse mirrorless (but Nikon rules in UK!)

The Year in Review article at The Verge (Click here) chooses the NEX-5n as product of the year while the Nikon 1 is the camera disappointment of the year. But despite the critic from The Verge at least in UK the Nikon 1 system is the most popular of all mirrorless systems (Source: Photographyblog).

The Nikon V1 experience at Fadedandblurred (Click here).

The Pentax Q 3.2mm f/5.6 Fisheye has been reviewed at Photozone (Click here).

Nikon 1 J1 review at Letsgodigital (Click here).

Ricoh GXR GR LENS A12 28mm f/2.5 review at ePhotozine (Click here).

Ricoh GXR A12-M and Sony NEX-5N Comparison at Ricoh Diary (Click here).

Top 2011 photos at Outbackphoto (Click here).

Samsung NX200 test at Colorfoto (Click here).

Fuji X-mount entry level camera rumors (M-mount adapter coming in April)

There is some good news for those of you that would love to join the X-mount system but without to have to pay $1.700 for the X PRO 1. Dpreview (Click here) has been told by Fuji that one more less expensive X mount camera will come in future. Would be nice to know if that “future” is somewhere near but Fuji didn’t give any details about that yet.

The good news is that the M to X mount adapter is coming very soon! Photographyblog (Click here) reports that Fuji will release it in April.

You remember the lady that talked about a possible 14mm f/1.4 lens? Her name is Kayce Baker and she got interviewed by Imaging Resource (Click here). She confirms that she saw on the roadmap that the 14mm lens was f/1.4! And she tells us something unknown about the mysterious organic sensor: “The organic sensor has nothing to do with our imaging technology. It has to do more with the industrial side of our business.

P.S.: Dpreview also heard from Fuji that the new X10 firmware will be released in February to fix the ‘white-orb’ issue. And Fujifilm Digital Imaging director Adrian Clarke said that when launching the X100 they didn’t know who was going to buy the X100: “but twice as many people bought them as we expected.