Is that the new Samsung NX roadmap? Top line NX camera coming?

Yesterday we praised the superb 85mm NX lens but epxressed our doubts about Samsung NX system future. Maybe as reaction on that post one of our sources sent us some bits about the possible future Samsung roadmap. He writes:

1) Samsung plans to announce the EX1 successor, two new NX lenses and accessories at Photokina 2012
2) They are working on a new APS-C sensor with improved rolling shutter performance (too early to say “electronic shutter”), but with “normal” megpaixel number (bye be Megapxiel race)
3) There also is a new NX model coming before end of the year, a top line NX.

Sounds good or not?

Smart Fuji patent for thirds party lens support (Adobe is working on X PRO 1 RAW support).

I was really wondering how that nice hybrid viewfinder from the X PRO 1 could work best with third party lenses. Now Egami (Click here) found a brand new Fuji patent describing how the electronic viewfinder can analyze the focal length of the third party lens to adjust the optical viewfinder. The patent is written in Japanese so I hope the google translation tool didn’t fool me :)

One more news: Adobe just launched the Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate which supports many new cameras like the Olympus E-M5.  But there is no Fuji X PRO 1 support. Adobe added a note:
The Lightroom and Camera Raw team is well aware of the new X-Pro1 camera from FUJIFILM.  We are currently developing raw support for the X-Pro1 and look forward to providing it as soon as support is complete.  Thanks for your patience on this topic.

via FujiRumors.

In stock status check:
Fuji X PRO 1 body is in Stock at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops UK (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).
Fuji X 18mm f/2.0 in Stock at Amazon (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).
Fuji X 35mm f/1.4 in Stock at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).
Fuji X 60mm macro f/2.0 in not Stock at Amazon (3-4weeks) but is in Stock at Digitalrev (Click here). Mike Kobal made a short NEX-7 versus Fuji X PRO 1 comparison.

The Samsung 85mm for NX is superb (tested at Photozone).

I guess Samsung managers are hitting their heads against the wall trying to figure out why their NX system isn’t becoming popular as it should. There could be many reason why their strategy isn’t working but it certainly doesn’t depend form their lens offering (and future roadmap). Photozone (Click here) just tested the Samsung 85mm f/1.4 lens and got a huge appraisal by the reviewer Klaus. If you know Klaus you will also know that he is very sever in his judgment. But he writes about that lens: “The Samsung NX 85mm f/1.4 ED SSA is a lighthouse product – it’s a truly professional grade lens and the best news is that it’s even a comparatively affordable one (in Europe at least). It stands out from the crowd – also quality-wise – which is why we recommend it highly to all Samsung NX users.

Overall I think Samsung needs a breakthrough camera like Fuji did with the , Sony with the or Olympus with the [shoplink 100170]E-M5[/shoplink]. Maybe that would help them to get a momentum?

Menatime here are the search links to the superb Samsung lens: .

Leica Monochrome sensor made by Platinum Equity (Kodak sensor).

Our super good sources informed us that the new Leica M camera coming on May the 10th will feature a Black and White Full Frame sold by Platinum Equity. As you know Platinum acquired the Kodak business and they are going to sell the Kodak developed Black and White sensor to Leica.

The list of available Black and White CCD sensors is still available on Kodaks website (Click here). The sources didn’t tell me which one it is but they said the camera pixel per pixel sharpness is unmatched by any of the current Full Frame cameras. Not even the super new Nikon D800 (36Megapixels) can match it!

Canon will launch compact cameras almost as good as DSLR!

Canon concept mirrorless camera by David Riesenberg (Click here)

Canon released the Q1 earnings call and included some info about the future strategy. Canon says that they will launch compact cameras “offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras, with improved design and network connectivity features“. This sounds like they are clsoe to launch the interchangeable mirrorless system. And that word” approaches” may give us the hint that they will use the Four Thirds sized sensor of the Canon G1X.

Sony NEX-F3 (specs leaked) and new 18-200mm NEX lens coming on May 17th.

Sony didn’t manage to keep the secret on the new upcoming new cameras. Their Malaysian press event is now all over the web :)
Here are the specs of the NEX-F3 and the new 18-200mm lens:

Sony NEX F3
16.1 MP same as A37
latest Bionz processor
ISO 16,000 from 100.
24p 1080p HD or 60i
MP4 Codec
3:2 in MP4 mode
Auto Portrait Framing
180 degree LCD for easier self portraits
Clear image zoom is present if you want
Built in flash
Improved battery performance to 470 images per charge
Charge on the go via USB to pc
Accessory terminal: you can add the trufinder or the microphone
Ergonomic grip addition like the 5n
No touchscreen
Silver, black and white.
June $599 with kit lens no 16mm f2.8 bundle

18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS in black going to be announced in summer.

New Sony NEX-F3 leak shows new grip and thicker body. Miniaturization war over?

The until today very unkown chinese website Yangcanggih (Click here) leaked a full set of picture of the new NEX-F3 that is going to be unveiled in mid May. Cpmpared to the NEX-C3 the camera looks like to be thicker due the new 180 degree tiltable LCD screen. Plus a new grip. Looks like Sony miniaturization war is over! CLick on the thumbnails below to enlarge the picture.