Olympus E-P5 and in Japan the E-PL6 announced!

Olympus officially announced the new E-P5 and for Japanese market only the E-PL6. Full roundup of links to tests and early hands-on can be read at 43rumors (Click here). There is not much to argue on the nice E-P5 improvements (like ISO 100 and 1/8000 shutter). But it’s a bit pity that the body only is priced at $1000 or 1000 Euro. And if you want a kit version you have to only get it with the (nice) new VF-4 viewfinder. Would have been kind from Olympus to allow us a bit more “freedom” when choosing our needed kit (for example camera+lens without viewfinder option).

A great news is that finally Olympus launched the 17, 45 and 75mm Black primes lenses. And unlike the previous 12mm Black Limited Edition the new Lenses costs the same as the Silver version. Well done!

Specs, Price and Preorders:
Full dedicated pages to the new Oly stuff at Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 White at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Silver at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Silver with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
17mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
45mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
75mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
VF-4 viewfinder at Adorama, Bhphoto.

  • Amit

    Just an information
    E-PL6 has been launched also for Indian Market
    and its being show on olympus-imaging India site

    • Deep

      But where are they available? Cant find them easily like nikon or canon in the market.!!

  • Denis

    Ar they crazy? M43 body alone for $1000?

    • Eric Tastad

      They will sell them too. The m4/3 gear sells at pretty high prices for what it is, look at lenses etc. I think that is what Canon was trying to do with EOS-M; priced like m4/3 but featured like an entry level rebel. Bad plan on their part I think :)

  • legoland

    They think they have a full frame to price it that high :-) I’m happy I bought the samy nx300. Bigger sensor, much lower price, great iq.

    • JohnnyNoCash

      It is full frame… full frame m4/3. ;)

  • Safeen

    Canon 6D is not much more expensive than this ridicules priced camera from Olympus. Who in right mind would buy this over affordable full frame or even Fuji, NEX or Samsung mirror less camera for a lot cheaper?

    • Dukratus

      People who are willing to pay top money for an expensive “toy” because that’s what this is, a camera packed with “premium features” that you don’t really need to take photographs, I mean wifi? Remote camera controll via smartphone? All the cool and funky in camera effects? Are we really buying a photographic tool here? Or all of a sudden that’s irrelevant? Most consumers nowadays want gadgets packed with features that many of them won’t even use so brands like Olympus are feeding them those features and asking obscenely increased prices for them… Sadly some of them will pay… Have nothing against Olympus in particular but I for instance will be turning to Fuji, they might not offer the miriad of “funky super kewl features” yet but they are awesome photographic tools and that what I am after.

  • FoToEdge

    The new Olympus Pen just doesn’t compete in today’s marketplace. The pricing might
    have attracted photographers 3 years ago. Back when the small mirrorless cameras were a new idea. But with no built in viewfinder, this camera makes no sense compared to the other choices. Panasonic G6 or the OM-D blow this EP-5 out of the race! Then you have the Sony NEX 6 & 7 and the Fuji’s and the game is lost with this pricing. Realistically, a starting price of $799.00 would be more in line with the market.

  • Steve

    The GH3 with more controls, sealed body and EVF looks like a deal now.

  • Mr.Tritium

    420g with battery?! The Nex-6 and X-E1 weigh only 350g, and the nex-3n 269g. Is this camera made of LEAD?

    • Dukratus

      No it’s called Premium Quality…Hence the matching Premium Price… I mean if it wasn’t for the weight difference how else could they justify the hump in the price? The difference is in weight, premium package weighs obviously more!

      • wontgetfooledagain

        So more weight = better?? I thought the point of the PENS was to shed weight??

        Not sure you’re getting the plot.

    • Cheetos

      No, it is made of money, your money. =P

  • bee

    Considering that:

    * The EP3 was something like $850 and came with a lens
    * The OMD/EM5 is $900 without a lens

    Why would you buy an EP5?

    • Cheetos

      For the design and the newest tech. Honestly, I was thinking of buying this before the price announcement. Now, I’m leaning toward the EM5 instead. The 1/8000 shutter, ISO 100, and new IBIS is what I wanted the most, but I think the EM5 is just as capable, though no longer the best.

    • Voldenuit

      E-P5 has a few advantages over the E-M5:
      * 1/8000 max shutter speed vs 1/4000
      * ISO 100 min vs ISO 200
      * comes with a *good* kit lens (17/1.8) instead of the horrible 12-50/3.5-6.3 or boring 14-42/3.5-5.6.
      * integrated flash
      * better controls and ergonomics (arguable)

      At the price of the following tradeoffs:
      * no weather sealing
      * no integrated EVF

      I do think that the E-P5 is overpriced, especially given that it has more competition today than the E-M5 did (X-E1, NEX-6). Given time, its street prices might come down to something more reasonable, I don’t see it succeeding at its lofty $1,450 RRP with kit lens and VF. I do think the integrated flash is more useful than the EVF (especially if used to trigger wireless flash with a FL36R or FL50), but it’s a shame that Oly can’t seem to integrate both when other parties are able to (cf X-E1).

      $800 body and $1,100 kit, and then we might talk. Even $800 is ‘mildly overpriced’, but at least it’s not ‘ridiculously overpriced’ like the current $999 body/$1450 kit.

  • Narog

    Nice but not very innovative, switched to Fuji and image quality and operiations are far superior to Olympus!

  • kodachromeguy

    I like the looks of the P5 but, like so many others, have two major complaints:
    1. No built-in finder. The tiny Panasonic G3 proved it can be done.
    2. The P5 can’t use the nice add-on hand grips from previous models. This was so easy to implement – what was Olympus thinking?

    Oh, and the body is $1000, that is my other objection.

  • lorenzaccio

    I am actually very happy about the E-pl6. Not for the camera per se (I mean, what is the point in iterating this fast?) but because now many stores in Tokyo will have the E-pl5 discounted for a couple of weeks, for clearing their inventory of the old models. Time to shop for e-pl5, maybe ;)

  • okumonux

    1000.- Euro Body only – are they completly mad? This price is in no way related to the market. So what is the price going to be including the evf & kit-lens, 1400.- Euro? Compare this to it’s main rival; the Sony Nex-5r, which is priced at about 600.- Euro inkl. Kit-Lense but without the evf. The Sony is half the price! It is a shame that Olympus turns this way, producing overpriced fashing items instead of nice little cameras…

    • lorenzaccio

      In fact, Olympus is raising the price on all its new cameras. Also the e-pl6 is going to be more expensive than the e-pl5 (as it appears on the site kakaku). Probably they want to take advantage of the feeble yen, and have more revenue from overseas sales. In that case, USA and UE prices should be more or less the same than old models, though the price in yen will raise significantly. Well, the price in yen HAS indeed raised significantly. If the price in dollars and euros rise as well, then Oly is out of the market…

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