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Oh no! Aliens do exist, earth is flat indeed and Sony A7sIII will be announced on July 28

There is a long list of conspiracy theories I didn’t believe in:

  • Aliens abduction
  • Flat earth
  • Vaccine causing autism
  • Fake Moon landing
  • 5G controls our blood cells once we will inject the Coronavirus antidote
  • Sony A7sIII will be announced this year

Well I was wrong at least on one of them…or maybe all? I am unsure now because Sony just launched this teaser image to promote the A7sIII launch on July 28!

I was not invited to the press event but I don’t care. Now I am afraid to drive the car on the flat earth be abducted by an alien force that will inject me the Coronavirus vaccine to get autism and be forced to shoot my entire life with the A7sIII.

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