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Nikon mirrorless recap: No Z-mount, 2 cameras and focus on…autofocus :)

One of the many Nikon FF renderings…

Photokina is getting closer and Nikon may announce their first Full Frame mirrorless camera at Photokina. But so far we have no reliable rumors on the web. All we can do is recap what has been reported at

  • There will be two cameras at launch
  • The first cameras will ship during the first half of 2019
  • The new mount is NOT name Z-mount as rumored on other sites
  • The sensor is not the same of the D850 but a new sensor optimized for autofocus speed. Megapixels will be less than the 46MP from the D850
  • The design is somewhere in between the modern Sony A7 and the more classic Fuji X cameras.
  • The viewfinder is in the middle just like the Sony A7 series.

Just adding my two cent: I think Nikon’s goal is to stop current Nikon owners to switch over to Sony. And the goal will be NOT to win over Sony E-mount owners. That’s because Sony has a clear advantage in terms of native lens range options. Nikon will focus on the needs of current DSLR owners that would like to have a mirrorless camera too. That means Nikon will offer a cheap and high quality autofocus F-mount adapter. And 2-3 kind of lenses that will suite the basic needs of their classic DSLR customers. I do not think Nikon iw making a Sony-killer camera. And I think Canon will have the same strategy.

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