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Nikon interview at Dpreview gives us little hope about a “serious” mirrorless system camera launch


Dpreview interviewed Nikon managers at Photokina. Here are a couple of info:

  1. For now we’ll keep Nikon 1 as usual.’ The sudden focus on KeyMission doesn’t take away from this
  2. Some manufacturers have tried to enter the DSLR market with their mirrorless camera or something. Our standpoint is different. Because our product mix covers full-frame and APS-C DSLR and the Nikon 1, these three product categories mean we offer to the full lineup and we receive each customer’s good reactions.

Nikon makes it sounds as like they don’t need to make an APS-C or FF mirrorless system camera. But we know from past interviews that Nikon always is very “conservative” when it comes to information sharing. So let’s hope this is just an interview that “hides” their real FF mirrorless intentions…

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