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Nikon 1 firmware and tests (+ Canon G1X news + iPhone book)

The Big Freeze from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

There are plenty of new Nikon and Canon news: Andre Reid is wxperimenting with Hitchcock and the Nikon J1 with 16mm c-mount lenses (EosHD). There is also a new Nikon 1 Field Report Diary¬† at Outbackphoto. And if you alreayd own a Nikon 1 camera than you should know that Nikon (Click here) just released a new Nikon 1 firmware upgrade (1.11) : “An issue that sometimes caused images captured using the built-in flash to be over-exposed has been resolved“.

Techradar (Click Here) had a chat with Canon about the new Canon G1X. New G1 X Photos  have been posted at Photographyblog (Click here).

Outback photo (Click here) published a new iPhone book “The Art and Craft of iPhone Photography“. The is the currently most sold mirrorless camera :)

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