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Nikkei reports that Nikon will withdraw from the DSRL business. But Nikon quickly “sort of” denied it

The well known Nikkei news outlet reports that Nikon has withdrawn from the development of digital SLR cameras. No new digital single-lens reflex camera will appear in the future, and production and sales of existing models will continue for the time being. In summary:

Nikon Digital SLR Development Withdrawal

  • Withdrew from the development of single-lens reflex cameras and concentrated on the development of mirrorless cameras
  • Aiming to survive the camera by enhancing functions that smartphones do not have for professionals and core fans
  • Existing models will continue to be produced and sold for the time being

But hours later Nikon Japan issued the following statement:

Today, some media outlets have reported that we have withdrawn from the development of single-lens reflex cameras, but this is speculation and not announced by us. We continue to produce, sell, and support digital SLR cameras, and we hope that our customers will continue to use them with peace of mind. 

If you pay attention on the wording Nikon doesn’t mention it will continue the “development”. It only says it will keep “producing” which is kind of obvious. I am 100% sure the day is close Nikon will stop making DSLR cameras just like Sony and others did years before…

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