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New OM Digital company will focus on “high end MFT cameras” production

There is a lot of confusion on what’s going to happen with the new OM Digital company that acquired the Olympus camera business. Photolari had a chat with Olympus Europe manager Albert Marti. Here are some key takeaways:

  • OM Digital will still use the “Olympus” name
  • He confirms to Photolari the commitment to the medium and high range. It is not clear if that means forgetting about the Pen range – focused on simpler models, except the Pen-F – and raising the bar in the field of video, as has been hinted at on occasion.
  • The purchase includes the Olympus factories as well as its repair centers, including the technical service in Coimbra (Portugal) that deals with a large part of the products in Europe.

Honestly I have a hard time believing something good will come out of this project…

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