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New Olympus EM-5 announced (comparison with the Fuji X PRO 1).

Finally the over-leaked Olympus E-M5 camera has been announced (Click here to read all you need to know on 43rumors). Its time for a short comparison with the other top quality mirorrless camera, the Fuji X PRO 1:
Sensor – Image quality
The Olympus E-M5 uses the same GX1 16 Megapixel sensor with some sort of tweaks like faster readout system and improved TruePic VI engine. It also uses a weak AA filter. Anyway, the X PRO 1 can deliver a slightly higher resolution because of the no Anti Aliasing filter.
Fuji wins!
Video quality:
Easy,Fuji didn’t care a lot about the video :)
Olympus wins!
The Olympus E-M5 has a 1.44 million dot pure electronic viewfinder. Due the fast sensor readout (240fps) this will reduce lagging and rolling shutter. The Fuji has that amazing hybrid viewfinder.
Fuji wins!
Easy game for Olympus. They claim to have the fastest AF system of all current interchangeable camera systems. And Fuji is known for not having a super fast AF.
Olympus wins!
Body quality:
Olympus and Fuji both deliver an excellent body quality. But Olympus camera is weather sealed.
Olympus wins!
Yep the Olympus is $600 cheaper but the Fuji has a terrific image quality. So it’s difficult to find a winner here!

That is just a very basic first impression and there are many other factors to consider before to judge the new products. But let me know…

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