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New NEX lens roadmap. And three new NEX cameras coming within 2012!!!

Sony unveiled the new NEX lens roadmap. As you see four lenses will be announced within 2012. A high magnification zoom lens, a standard zoom, a wide zoom and a fast aperture prime lens. The other four new lenses will arrive in 2013: The high quality G standard zoom lens, the Mid-magnification zoom, the mid-telephoto lens and finally a pancake lens!

But this is not enough. I have beenĀ  told by TOP-sources that Sony will launch three new NEX cameras within 2012 only! Yeah, I also think that’s a it of a madness. The Sony NEX-5n and NEX-7 are already top cameras and I don’t see any reason to announce three(!) new NEX cameras. But maybe Sony has some secret reason to do so?

P.S.: The first of the three new NEX cameras will arrive in April!!!

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