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New expensive mirrorless cameras to come: GX7 for more than $1,000. NEX-FF for more than $3,000.

This is how the GX7 is likely going to look (Courtesy Dicahub).

In late August and early September a huge wave of new mirrorless cameras are going to be announced. And most of them will be very expensive. While the price of the new Olympus OMD is still unknown trusted sources shared some bits about two new cameras:
1) The Panasonic GX7 will be definitely priced above the $1,000 mark. And that’s for the body only!
2) The first non-Leica Full Frame mirrorless camera is coming from Sony. The NEX-FF will be priced well above the $3,000. Still a bargain if you compare it with the $7,000 leica M cameras :)

Save your money guys! No vacation this summer :)


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