New bad news for the Film business: Zeiss Ikon discontinued!

After hearing that Kodak will no more produce their slide films we got a second bad news in the film industry. Cosina Japan (Click here) officially discontinued the silver Zeiss Ikon. You can still buy some of them on . But soon also that camera could be history.  Has the era for 35mm film cameras ended?

Via Photorumors and Zeissrumors.

  • spam

    How is that bad? If they were selling a reasonable number of cameras then it wouldn’t be discontinued.

  • keoj

    Bad because it’s a beautiful camera will no longer be available. If one wants to see what a true rangefinder looks like, this is one of the 3 or 4 best ever executed. (IMO)

    • Jean-Michel


    • patrick


    • c.d.embrey

      Zeiss Ikon isn’t stopping camera production. They are just dropping the “Retro Look” Silver model, they will continue to make the Black camera and ZM lenses.

      Film is still available from many manufactures, including Kodak. Slide film has been decreasing in popularity for many years, but color and B&W negative remains good sellers.

      What’s still available:
      Slide Film – Fujifilm and Rollei
      Color Negative Film – Fujifilm, Kodak and Rolllei
      Black & White Negative Film – Adox, Efke, Foma, Fujifilm, Ilford, Kentmere, Kodak and Rollei

    • spam

      It’s a nice camera, but bad was used in the headline related to film sales. A camera that don’t sell enough to be worth making wont make any difference at all for the global film market.

  • Mike1

    The era of film camera for the mainstream has long gone but it will survive as a niche product for many many years to come. A film camera lasts for decades, digital, a few years. Although the film market is much much smaller than before, it’s stable. Kodak may die, but someone else with better efficiency will pick up the market share. Niche markets seldom die.

    Meanwhile a digital replacement of Ikon would be nice.

  • Vivek

    Good riddance! I hope Zeiss will discontinue their M line lenses as well and concentrate on making useful things.

    • Antoine

      I don’t understand this reaction. This was an excellent camera, much less pricy than a Leica.

    • brudy

      Wow, could you be more ignorant?

      • Vivek

        Ignorant of the fact that there are more usable RF cams out there than actual users or what? :)

        • awreer

          So basically your advise for Zeiss is to tell them:

          Hey guys…stop making ZM lenses…YES STOP MAKING ZM LENSES!!! …Because me, Vivek, who is so knowledgable that he can advise Zeiss about how to run its business, thinks that Zeiss should stop the production of one of the TWO best line of lenses ever made on the planet.

          Maybe you do not know Vivek, but those lenses are so good that they are always out of stock everywhere because so many people want them.

    • Vlad

      I like how you shared your opinion :) I would prefer they continue on making ZMs and introduce a digital Ikon. Admittedly though, in the current market, this might not be the best idea.

  • Jouko

    Time for Zeiss D-Ikon?

  • DRVR

    They are still making the black version.

    • Steve H.

      I’ve been waiting for Zeiss to make the jump to digital.

  • Vivek

    For me, “mirrorless” in the current context is only one thing, interchangeable digital camera systems with live view. RF film cams or Digital RF cams or view cams or TLRs and such are from the previous century and should go to make room for better things.

    • casaubon

      This comment section gets more trollish every week.

  • RSilva

    I hope they replace it with a digital version of the camera (fullframe).
    Film will never die, vinil either.

  • brudy

    The Ikon is a great camera, and the viewfinder is spectacular. Cosina still makes other film rangefinders, the Bessa line, which is cheaper than the Zeiss. I have the R2A and R, and they’re both nice cameras, especially for the price. There have been rumors for years about a digital Ikon, and CV was the company that worked with epson on the R-D1 digital rangefinder (also an amazing camera that despite only being 6mp, still makes awesome photos and bests the M8 over 400iso). So I guess it’s not out of the realm of possibilites. I think there’s a good size niche market for an affordable digital rangefinder, the true alternative to the M9. Epson in fact still sells the R-D1 in Japan, but the sensor really needs to be brought into the modern era.

  • flash

    Is there much difference between this Cosina Zeiss Icon and the Cosina Voigtländer Bessa? I do not know.

    A real good true rangefinder is very nice, and this Zeiss Icon seems to be one of the best. They still sell it in black. Hopefully they will continue with it.

    • brudy

      CV makes the Ikon for Zeiss (and I think some of the lenses as well) in addition to having their own cameras and lenses under the CV brand. The Ikon I’d say is a nicer camera than the Bessa R2/R3 with higher quality build and materials, but they’re close. They aren’t Leicas in terms of build, but they’re nice cameras for what they cost. The Bessa R is a fully manual entry level rangefinder. It’s nice, but M6 owners won’t be switching anytime soon. The R2 and R3 lines feature AE modes, which is useful for me. That said, if I could justify an M7 I would.

      No affiliation to this site, but he’s got great info on bessa’s and other CV gear:

  • derek

    that is right, they should make a digital body looking like this film body

  • MP

    Now, this makes me really sad. I hope they continue making atleast the black one. Fingers crossed.

  • JC

    You guys make me laugh…
    OF COURSE film will never die. And cameras such as Leica M that use film will always be used. Everyone who says different is nothing but a weekend shooter… Try to go out on a REAL photo journalistic trip… lets say… Iraq, Somalia… whatever… where do you charge your batteries wise guys? Better pack a bunch of film rolls and think a bit before you shoot everything that moves… like any DSLR user usually does…
    Film cameras such as Leica M are made for serious journalism Photographers… not state of the art gadget lovers.

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