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Lot of new fast glass for Sony E-mount from Samyang, Tokina, Mitakon, Zenit and Yongnuo

Sony E-mount camera owners will enjoy a bunch of new fast third party lenses:

1) Yongnuo will soon launch the new 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lenses which will come in two version for Full Frame and for APS-C (more on SAR)
2) Zenit will soon launch the new 50mm f/0,95 lens which should offer much higher quality than the chinese competition (more on SAR)
3) Mitakon has just launched the new 50mm f/095 III (Adorama).
4) Tokina has just announced the new 100mm f/2.8 FE macro (BHphoto).
5) Samyang 45mm f/1.8 FE autofocus lens will be announced shortly (more on SAR).

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