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Leak: This is the new Panasonic GX9

The rebels over at Nokishita found these images of the new Panasonic GX9 (on top) and the new TZ200 (below). Expect both cameras to be announced this week. Still no clue about the specs yet…

Those are the specs of the GX9 and TZ200 (google translated from japanese):


Effective 20.3 million pixels 4/3 type Live MOS sensor. Low pass filterless
5-axis Dual I.S. for 4 stages of camera shake correction effect.
Electromagnetic drive type mechanical shutter
Continuous 9 frames / sec
4K30p video / 4K photo
3 type 124400 dots touch panel liquid crystal
Focus bracket / aperture bracket
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
Size: 124 mm x 72.1 mm x 46.8 mm
Weight: 450 g
North American Price: Body $ 999

LUMIX DC-TZ 200 / ZS 200 / TX 2

20 MP 1.0 type high sensitivity MOS sensor
Converting 24-360 mm optical 15X zoom
5 axis HYBRID O.I.S. +
2.330 million dot EVF. Magnification 1.45 times (converted to 35 mm 0.53 times)
3 type 124400 dots touch panel liquid crystal
Built-in dedicated linear motor in a new focus system, realizing super high speed AF
Spatial recognition AF
Macro mode that gets close to 3 cm
4K30p video / 4K photo
Full HD 120 fps video
L. Monochrome
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
Size: 111.2 mm x 64.4 mm x 45.2 mm
Weight: 340 g
North American Price: $ 799

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