Kodak shows the final design of their soon to come S1 Micro Four Thirds camera.

DC.fever (google translated) published these images of the final Kodak S1 MFT production version. But there is still no info about the price and specs.

  • TigerAndy

    The title of this article is irrelevant, because despite the fact that this camera is called Kodak (brand), there is no Kodak (company) yet to show any camera desing to us. Kodak (company) just stick its name onto a noname camera….. Regrettably.

  • Artichoke

    How sad. A once great photography company reduced to this. Whoever is behind this is as clueless as can be imagined. The BRAND name has been reduced to rubble and who would buy such a sorry-looking piece of equipment in the face of the brilliant, gorgeous things available now–at very low prices. How sad.

    • spam

      Sad for former Kodak employees certainly, pretty good for the rest of us. Kodak was early with new digital technology, bad decisions wasted it all. It’s good to know that even big companies have to continue making good products to survive. Keeps even (almost) monopolies alert.

      As for the camera, I’d expect OK IQ at low prices and I’m sure the Kodak brand still will sell quite a few cameras. We’ll have to wait and see if the new owners are serious or not. More options for mFT probably is an advantage anyway.

  • Kevin

    I’m not sure if this will sell at all… there is so much competition in the m43 arena it will be difficult for this camera to distinguish itself from the others (unless it will be priced ridiculously low, of course)

    • d00d00

      It might sell better than you think. I bet you’ll see these in Wal-Mart and Target all across the US.

      You can’t even find an m4/3 camera in a store in most US cities. If they manage to crank these out at a low price in big stores it might just sell better than an Olympus.

  • Eskimo Micronian

    Not to be confuse with the Nikon 1 S1 … this does not bode well.

  • Mr.NoFlash

    I like it that “Kodak” sells such a camera.
    1. Quality: If its manufactured in the same factory as Oly, perhaps it has Oly quality. Seems to be a bit like E-PL5.
    2. The Name: Ok we all know the Problems of Kodak, but BUT some of us show Photos to the Non-Photographers, yes we sometimes make photos which are not only for us. Here psychology comes into play, Kodak is a very well known brand. Those people dont know much about the last-few-years Kodak problems, but for those Non-Photographers Kodak may sound more serious than for example Panasonic or Sony, because Kodak and Fuji made film for ages. So a Kodak Exif in the photo may be better for SOME purposes than a Oly or Panny Exif, if the camera works as good as a – say – E-PL5.

  • Izumi

    Now, providing the IQ and the price are OK, if the S2 were to have a viwefinder in the corner…

    • Samony

      If the price is lower than the competition in its image class this might work out for those who just want to try M43 and don’t have deep pockets (or want to spend the money).

  • Damn Oly

    As a M43 user,i feel very skeptical this camera will have a good selling point,.as i understand the vast majority of M43 user right now looking for high quality camera both in build in quality and usefulness ,

    Kodak need to improve a lot in many areas ,first ; how the way camera it look,.honestly this camera looks like a toy, hope the IQ will be good enough to justify the price.

    with the coming of EP-5 from Olympus,as a premium pocketable camera ,and also the New upcoming rival from panasonic lumix which is GX2, not include the already existed EP-L5 &EP-L6,plus G6 and Gf6 from Panny,.would make this camera as an underdog contender in M43 world,.wish you luck

    • Poch

      As a fellow m43 user, this has gotten me all excited! But it’s not the camera I’m excited about. It’s the fact that another company is making a m43 CAMERA. Right now, it’s only a choice between Olympus and Panasonic. I’m not even miffed that they’re targeting mainstream consumers first. That’s good! Let them be the beta testers for Kodak’s system first. Once they know what to do to differentiate themselves from Olympus and Panasonic, then let them release the more pro-oriented cameras.

  • truthiness

    This is imported to the states by JK Imaging, which is the company that’s producing GE cameras.

    If you do a side by side there are many similarities in design and features.

    Given the price point these (and the GE versions)may well be good entry level offerings and ideal for someone who is considering taking up photography.

    If the IQ is decent the Kodak name alone will drive some reasonable level of sales.

  • StormGoth

    I’m very interested in the S1 – since Olympus offerings regarding tethering are pathetic even with the e-p5 and the sensor in Panasonic g6 is nothing to write home about this could hit the sweet spot for me.

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