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Is Canon really going to launch two new EOS-M bodies in 2020?

I still wonder why in a declining market Canon insists on the EOS-M system. They should simply make APS-C EOS-R bodies to keep costs down. But hey, the marketing and manager world often does work with a logic I cannot comprehend :)

CanonWatch reports:

It’s suggested that Canon might release two new EOS M bodies in 2020. One of these could likely be the Canon EOS M60 (the replacement for the EOS M50, might also be named EOS M50 Mark II). The other one could be the Canon EOS M5 Mark II. We reported back in February that Canon might announce the M5 II in October 2020 and the EOS M60 at the beginning of 2021.

The new Canon EOS M rumor mentions also the possibility that Canon might release two prime lenses for the EOS M system. One of these could be the EF-M 52mm f/2 STM we reported in February 2020. Our rumor mentioned a EF-M 18-45mm f/2-4 IS STM, which is not mentioned in the new rumor.

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