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Hasselblad X1D price drops down to 4999 Euro. Is the X1D-100c coming soon?

In a very short time the price of the X1D-50c dropped from 8500 down to 4999 Euro (Kamera Express). The price drop is so big that I really think the X1D-100c announcement is coming very soon. The Hasselblad now costs 2000 Euro less than the Fuji too.

Keep in mind that the X1D was announced three months ahead of the Fuji GFX. So it might be that Hasselblad will announce the new X1D-100c at Photokina and Fuji will announce their GFX-100 in early 2019.

These should be the Hasselblad X1D-100c specs:

New 44x33mm 100MP Backilluminated Sony sensor
On sensor phase detection pixels for faster autofocus
ISO range 50-6400
Dynamic range 83dB
4K video at 30fps
The sensor can also record video at 8K at 18fps but I doubt Hasselblad will enable this
Price $899 or 8500 Euro.

The Fuji will have same or very similar specs but probably be a tiny bit cheaper.

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