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Fuji aims for the low end mirrorless market. No X-PRO 2 this year.

Fuji is well known for their high quality X cameras and lenses. But now they will focus on the low end market where the market is pretty filled with a huge ammount of cameras. Don’t know if that is a good strategy. Anyway, Fujirumors reports:

1) THE STRATEGY: Fuji won’t replace frenetically its cameras after a short time. The company’s goal now is to extend its offer to new market segments. Therefore there will be new cameras targeting different customers. (a trusted source told me hat after the X-A1 Fuji plans to release two more cameras this year)

2) THE X-PRO2: Because of this strategy the high end cameras won’t be replaced that soon.  (so it seems that the X-PRO2 won’t be one of the two cameras released after the X-A1 this year.)

3) THE NEW LENSES: There will be new cheap lenses after the 16-50 f/3.5. These lenses will be cheaper because they are slower, but the image quality will remain top-notch because inside all elements are made of quality glass.

4) THE CHEAP 55-200: We will soon have a cheaper 55-200 lens (or something very similar).

5) THE DOUBLE KIT: Fuji could offer the X-A1 with a double zoom kit lens (16-50 and cheap 55-200)

Damn, was hoping to see the X-PRO 2 this year!

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