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Dpreview interviews all camera manufacturers. All do confirm mirrorless is the future!

The Fuji interview video

Dpreview posted a great set of video interviews with Camera Company managers:

Interview with Fujifilm’s Justin Stailey
Interview with Canon’s Chuck Westfall
Interview with Nikon’s Steve Heiner
Interview with Olympus’s Ray Acevedo
Interview with Panasonic’s Matt Frazer
Interview Ricoh’s John Carlson (Pentax)
Interview Samsung’s Jay Kelbley
Interview Sigma’s Jared Ivy
Interview Sony’s Kenta Honjo
Interview with Lytro’s Ariel Braunstein

Your really can feel that Mirrorlesss is the great word on the mouth of those companies. I think 2015 will be far more exciting than 2014. And probably Nikon and Canon will finally “get serious” on mirrorless too!

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