Canon says yes…Full Frame R camera priced lower than the RP is possible!

EOS Magazine interviewed Michael Burnhill (European Technical Support Manager at Canon Europe). When they asked him if even cheaper Canon EOS-R camera could be introduced in the future he said this:

Do you see a full-frame camera coming in at a price below the RP?

MB: Yes.

I think this shouldn’t come as surprise. The Sony A7II just got a $600 price drop at Buydig, BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama and Focuscamera. You get camera plus lens for under $1,000!!!


via CanonWatch


Canon EOS-R High Resolution model coming in late 2019

CanonWatch reports:

We’re told that the next Canon EOS R camera is already field tested by a small group of selected photographers.
The next Canon EOS R camera will have a high resolution sensor. We expect Canon to announced the high resolution EOS R somewhen in Fall 2019. We still have no reliable information about the resolution but you can expect a sensor between 50MP and 70MP.

The question is if Canon will finally make a new generation sensor that can be nearly as good as Sony. And no crop in 4k would be nice too…but I guess I am dreaming :(

Sigma CEO says new special L-mount lenses will be launched in 2019. And no chance they will make X-mount lenses :(

Sigma CEO Yamaki spilled out some beans in an interview posted by Dpreview:

L-mount lenses:
Sigma plans to launch a couple of properly designed mirrorless L-mount lenses in 2019. I believe those lenses will be available for Sony E-mount too.

X-mount lenses:
Yamaki said this: “Fujifilm doesn’t really disclose the protocol between the lens and camera, so we need to do the reverse engineering by ourselves.
It’s a really time-consuming process so we need to prioritize support for Sony E mount, our L-mount system, existing DSLR mounts and Micro Four Thirds.

New f/2.0 primes:
Sigma is considering to launch smaller and more compact f/2.0 primes for mirrorless cameras

via L-rumors

New Sony rumors: 100 Megapixel FF sensor specs, A7sIII coming this autumn at earliest

We got two new Sony rumors:

  1. On top you see the image of a possible new Sony 102 Meapixel Full Frame sensor.
  2. On April 7 Sony will announce new camcorder and no new E-mount camera. The A7sIII is expected to be announced this fall at earliest.

There are also some rumors about a new E-mount cameras coming within June…could be a new A6500 successor?

Canon interview at DPreview: “the pro-level camera that you’re expecting is on the way”

DPreview interviewed Canon managers and here are some highlights:

– RF mount: “we were expecting it to be more suitable for designing wider-angle lenses, but it turned out to be very effective for designing this telephoto lens (70-200mm f/2.8)”
– About the PRO camera: “the pro-level camera that you’re expecting is on the way”
– Canon will keep developing the M-series

I hope the PRO camera will have a new kind of sensor that can be really close to Sony sensors!