Nikkei says Nikon will launch a sub $1,000 mirrorless during the second half of 2019!

The reliable news site Nikkei reports that Nikon is ready to launch a sub $1,000 mirrorless camera in 2019! This is the google translated text:

Nikon will introduce a new mid-price mirrorless camera product in fiscal 2019. The same interchangeable lens can be used in the product that corresponds to a sister model such as the high-end model “Z7” launched by the company in the autumn of 2006. It is expected that the price will be in the 100,000 yen range, which is easier for the general consumer to pick up than the leading 200,000 to 400,000 yen model. The aim is to develop the demand of users other than existing enthusiasts.

It’s unclear yet if this will be a sort of Full Frame Canon RP competitor or an APS-C Z-mount camera.

Canon rumored to announce a new EOS-M500 in August

CanonWatch reports:

It’s suggested Canon might announce a replacement at least for the Canon EOS M5, while the EOS M6 seems not to be scheduled for replacement. Moreover, Canon might announce an EOS M model that’s below the EOS M50, the Canon EOS M500. Two new EF-M lenses might also be announced.

What seems crazy to learn is that the EOS-M series sells way more than the EOS-R. yes I understand the EOS-M is cheaper but still, there are only a couple of lenses in this lineup and the camera sells hot in Japan and at Amazon US (ranking here).


Sony’s next Full Frame camera will be the A9II followed by the A7sIII

Sony is really giving themselves a lot of time to develop the A7sIII Indeed rumor has it that the next Full Frame camera we will get is the A9II in September and the A7sIII will be launched later. This should be the Sony roadmap for 2019:

Sony A6500 successor might be announced before June: Nokishita has reported one more E-mount camera will be announced within June. If indeed the A9 and A7sIII will be announced this autumn the A6500 successor is likely yo be the one camera coming soon. The A65000 successor is said to look more like a mini A9 with EVF in the center..

Sony A9II in September: It makes sense for Sony to release a new A9 successor as early as possible to make the camera widely available and tested for PRO’s who want to use this camera at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. No specs are rumored yet but the sensor is said to be a “revolution” rather than an evolution.

Sony A7sIII in autumn: This camera will exceed customers expectations (so said Sony). I don’t expect it to have 8K. It will have a higher resolution sensor and 4k60p for sure.