Phase One is teasing the launch of “something extraordinary”

Phase One just started a new teaser campaign for the launch of  a new camera. They  say it’s extraordinary. Now, what I would find extraordinary would be the launch of the first “real” medium format mirrorless camera. But I guess that’s  not the case  :)

Still, even if  it’s a new DSLR medium format camera I am sure it will have some new terrific Sony sensor  with incredible IQ.

New patent discloses the design of a professional Nikon Z9 camera with built-in grip

A newly published patent discloses the design of a professional Nikon Z camera with built-in grip. In the images below you see the size comparison with the  current Nikon  Z cameras (images with dark grey body):

I guess this could be the future Nikon Z9. A bigger body would allow better heat dissipation for professional video recording and also faster frame rate.

From what  I heard so far the  Nikon Z9 will be released in 2020 and use a new fast Sony sensor. It will compete against the Sony A9.

UPDATE: Answer to a troll competition site :)

Some  composition website claimed these images are from him and that  I watermarked them afterwards.  Two proofs this is not the  case:

1) He posted 10 images and I posted 12 images. So where the heck did I copy the two more images if he didn’t post them? Example image he did not post is here.

2) The second proof is that my source posted these images 11 days before his post!  Here is the screenshot of the source. I will  not  share the link as he might stop posting  if companies will find it out and contact him!

Oh yes  and the source is legit because they  have a famous track on patents and REAL image leaks. I gave  the link to the source  to some of our long time trusted commenters so that they can be testimony that the source is SUPER real ;)

Gosh, I probably wasted 30 minutes of my  life answering a troll  :)

Oh look what’s coming back: Two Sony APS-C cameras to be announced in late August?

The past years Sony has mainly focused all efforts on developing their Full Frame system. But not everyone likes to spend $2,000+ for a camera or a lot of money on BIG and EXPENSIVE FE glass.

Finally it seems like a glimpse of reason struck the Sony managers: SonyAlphaRumors reports that in late August Sony will launch two new APS-C E-mount cameras. One of them will be the A6500 successor. There is no info about the second model.

No specs are rumored yet but would it be too much to ask to get a Fuji X or Olympus OMD alike body??? Something that’s not a pain in the butt…ergonomically speaking?

Three new E-mount cameras to be announced very soon!

It was weird to see Sony not announce any new cameras back at Photokina 2018. Nikon, Canon, Panasonic had launched their first FF mirrorless cameras and Sony reacted with zero products. I guess they went back to the table to discuss what they could do to fight back. And finally we are going to see their answer:

Nokishita reports that Sony will launch three new E-mount cameras very soon. SonyAlpharumors reports that the first two cameras will be announced in late August with another camera announcement likely to follow in September/October.

There is no info about WHAT they might announce: But these two cameras would despereitely be needed: A7sIII and A6700!