Panasonic manager confesses: Compact fixed lens camera business is “going down”

Say goodby to the LX100 line :(

In an interview released by Imaging Resource Panasonic admitted the fixed lens camera business is no more:

“this category is affected by the smartphone’s expansion. But still, there are people who continue to use this model. But we have to admit that this category will be going down. And so as a camera business, we have to decide the priority of the development resources, which category is the most important. We have to study for the future.”

They also said this about their system cameras:

  1. Micro Four Thirds will focus on hybrid shooters and telephoto segment
  2. They want L-mount to become the main platform for video shooters (and dethrone PL-mount)

It ain’t going to be easy. Canon and Sony are pushing hard in the video orld too!

Rumor says Sony might give you a new Full Frame A5 with IBIS, pop up EVF, 4k60 (crop) for a price around $1,000

rendering of a possible A5 camera (Yukai)

Now if that rumor turns out to be true than Fuji and MFT folks will have to worry. Sony might plan to launch a new $1,000 Full Frame camera in September. Those are the first and super wild rumored specs via SAR:

  • new body design similar to a5xxx/a6xxx mixed metal and plastic.
  • The grip is pretty large to accommodate the battery.
  • 5 fps
  • ibis
  • no pop-up flash
  • there is a pop-up evf with 770.000 pixels (2.3m points) 0.6x mag.
  • Also touch screen like the a7sIII
  • records 4k 24p 10bit 100mbps, 4k 30p 10bit 100mbps and it even has 50/60p 4k but is really crippled they told me no audio, cropped and works only in s&q mode

This one would sell hot and basically kill the entire APS-C segment!

MR note: I only wrote this statement to attract Fuji and MFT trolls in the comment system….like flies on shit :)

Sony registered a new camera in Taiwan: And this might be the new Sony A5/6 entry level cam!

Sony registered a new camera code in Asia. And this seems to be the new Sony A5 (or SonyA6) camera! Here is what we know so far from this model (via SAR).

FACTS (What we know from the Sony Taiwan official registration):

  • Battery is NP-FZ100,
  • USB is Type-C.
  • it has a singl SD card slot
  • It has both a mic-in and a headphone jack
  • Wi-Fi (11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth

SOLID RUMORS: This is what I know so far about this model from TRUSTED sources:

  • It’s a new Full Frame E-mount camera
  • It’s an entry level model
  • It’s something COMPLETELY new in the lineup (no A7 or A9) model.
  • I don’t have confirmation on the name yet but I suspect it will be named A5 or A6
  • Announcement around mid September (if Covid19 doesn’t mess this up)

UNCONFIRMED: This is what we I heard from new sources (unreliable yet):

  • It has no EVF
  • very compact A6xxx kind of size
  • price around $1,000 (which makes it the cheapest “new” camera in the lineup). Of course the first generation A7 and A7II are priced below $,1000 but they weren’t that cheap when announced.


Canon EOS-R5 rumor time is over…and the new Sony A7sIII rumor time has started: 12MP sensor with 4k120p recording

Sony is usually very tight when it comes to leaks. But this time it looks like something has changed. Maybe under the pressure of the Canon EOS-5R Sony felt like to be a bit more relaxed when it comes to teasing a camera :)

That’s why the past 48h SonyAlphaRumors has shared a list of specs that re likely to be accurate or at least very close to the real deal:

Rumored A7sIII specs recap

  • New 12MP stacked sensor with fast readout
  • records FHD 240fps, 4k120fps 10bit 4:2:2 and 4K120fps raw over HDMI
  • Looks pretty similar to a Sony A7rIV.
  • world’s highest resolution new 9.44 million dot EVF (QXGA resolution)
  • new kind of passive (noise free) cooling system
  • no overheating, no recording time limits
  • UHSII card support
  • announcement late July

My bet is that the Sony A7sIII will be a better video tool…but I wish it would have that stunning 8 stops stabilization of the Canon EOS-R5 :(