Will Canon announce three new R cameras in 2022…and one of them will be APS-C?

CanonRumors reports about possible three new R camera coming in 2022. CanonWatch writes:

Rumor has it that Canon might be set to release three new EOS R cameras. So, what are these cameras? One might be the already mentioned EOS R model with an APS-C sensor, said to be “maybe a little M50 mixed with some 7D“. Whatever that means. The “maybe” part sees use a bit skeptical.

Next, there might be a new entry level full-frame EOS R model in the pipeline. This camera is said to use the imaging sensor of the EOS R6. Just above this camera, there might be another EOS R model with “new image sensor, but a lower pixel count than the Canon EOS R5

Finally, the same source suggests that at least one of the three mentioned new EOS R models might come without an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). This might concern the most entry level of these cameras.

The EOS-M might be at the end of his life if Canon will make APS-C R-mount cameras!

Canon EOS R1 to be announced in 2022 to compete against the Nikon Z9

PetaPixel reports about the nw R1 coming in 2022. Specs might be something like this:

45+ megapixels, 8K video recording at various framerates, and a price somewhere north of the R3’s $5,999

CanonWatch writes the camera might be releases in Q3 2022 and that the Canon EOS R1 will incorporate technology that will “let all competitors behind“.

This would mean it’s better than the new Nikon Z9. Nice if true…but one year is still a long time to go before we see it in real!

Nikon Z9 will feature a new 45MP BSI Sensor and have 160 FPS Burst Capture

There are new details emerging about the upcoming Nikon Z9:

  • 8256 x 5504px resolution that confirms a 45MP stacked sensor (it is interesting to note that Canon decided to go with a 24MP sensor for their R3 camera).
  • The Z9 will be capable of up to 120 fps in a lower res file size (6Mb I think). Some reports even indicated 160 fps!
  • Built-in GPS – probably GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).
  • The Z9 will use the same battery as D6. There will be also a new 18-type battery (EN-EL18x) that can be charged by the camera’s USB-C.
  • The sensor has multi leaf blade protective shutter that auto covers sensor when switched off/changing lens to stop dust and dirt on naked sensor.
  • The Z9 will have car autofocus in addition to animal and people AF as well as low light -7 EV.
  • Improved 3D tracking.
  • Improved articulated screen that even works in portrait mode – it is a completely new design.
  • New style locking flap for the two CFExpress memory cards.
  • Third joystick/selector added to use whilst camera close face and shooting.
  • Many new menu features to tweak and match your shooting style.
  • The shutter release sound level can be adjusted from silent to loud… so you can still get that D6 machine gun sound…
  • The official announcement is expected in the next 2 months, but do not expect many cameras to ship before the end of the year. Because of part shortage, the waiting time for the Z9 is expected to be very long.

via PetaPixel via NR