Sony-Canon-Nikon step aside…the Big guys are coming: Fuji to announce the GFX-50r and GFX-100s at Photokina!

On the Internet you keep reading Full Frame lovers beating hard on the smaller size APS-C and MFT cameras. Well now we can pay them back and hit them where it hurts most…sensor size! That small FF sensor never had a real future :)

Fuji is not only going to announce the cheapest medium format ever…the GFX-50R for $4,500. But they will also announce the development of the new GFX-100s. The latter camera will be use the new BSI Sony sensor that has much better autofocus performance and dynamic range. This should be a killer camera. I just hope it will not be too expensive!

Both new medium format cameras will be announced on September 25 according to Fujirumors.

The new Panasonic FF will have a Panasonic designed High Resolution sensor

Little is known about the new Panasonic FF system. All 43rumors has learned yet from trusted sources is that it will be announced on September 25 and be available in March 2019. But the most important is this:

The Panasonic FF will have a Panasonic designed sensor with way more than the previously rumored 30 Megapixels. I guess we can expect something close to 50 Megapixels.

I am sure Panasonic will not cripple this camera in any way. I expect it to have dual slot, fully articulatied screen, 4K with no crop and so forth…

Canon says 8K EOS-R Cinema camera is a possibility. And they will consider adding on sensor stabilization in future models.

The Japanese website MyNavi interviewed Canon managers. And there are a couple of things I wanna share here:

  1. Canon says the EOS-R sensor is not the same as the one used by the 5DIV. The new sensor has been refined and with new micro lenses and with addition of Dual Pixel AF.
  2. The Image Quality of the EOS-R will be higher than that of any other Canon DSLR camera thanks to the new sensor, new processor and the new high performing lenses
  3. Canon did not add on sensor stabilization because of the costs, the heating issue and size issues. But they will consider adding on sensor stabilization on future models
  4. Of course we can expect lower and higher end EOS-R models to be released in the near future
  5. Canon is considering making a 8k Cinema EOS-R camera.

found via Digicameinfo.

First leaked Fujifilm GFX 50R specs: Costs around $4,500 only and it’s the cheapest digital Medium Format ever!

Fujirumors spilled out the first specs of the new GFX 50R camera that Fuji will annnounce on September 25:

  • 2 way tilt screen (and not 3 way, like GFX 50S or Fujifilm X-T3)
  • dual SD-card slot
  • button layout/look similar to X-E3 (joystick etc), with a few differences, such as the MCS switch on the back of the camera instead than on the front like X-E3.
  • no more “cooling box” (meaning the “brick” at the back of the LCD that the Fujifilm GFX 50S has)

More over this camera will be priced at around $4,500 making it the cheapest digital medium format camera ever made!