These could be the first leaked images of the new SUPERHEAVY Olympus E-M1X :)

If these images are legit than get ready for a first supersized MFT camera! The new E-M1X is huge and solid like a tank. I still cannot figure out if this makes sense or not…

E-M1X specs:

Name: E-M1X OMD camera
Sensor: 20MP (not global shutter)

Frame rate: 18fps
7.5+ EV stabilization
2x the processing speed of the E-m1X
Autofocus: Adaptive and expandable focal points. Two examples. If you are shooting a person, then shift to shooting a car, the number of focal points will automatically expand. If you are shooting a basketball player, you will get a vertical series of 5 focal points.

Body Size: 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm (body with a built in vertical grip)
High Res: Can shoot handheld High Resolution images (around 80MP) at 1/60s
Photography focus: Sports and Wildlife shooters
Same batteries as E-M1 Mk II
Larger EVF

Launch: January 2019 along “2 tele zooms, 1 wide angle zoom. speedlight. zuiko binoculars”
Availability: February

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Fuji Panasonic lovers rejoice: This is your first camera with organic sensor and this ight change everything?

Nearly all companies (expect Canon and maybe Leica) are totally dependant from Sony sensors. Well this might change soon for Panasonic and Fuji. Years ago both companies have announced a partnership to work on their own new organic sensors. And finally they are ready to launch their first cameras using this new sensor!

What you see here is a Panasonic 8k camcorder using the new organic sensor. Iw ill be officially released in late 2019. And I seriously cannot wait to see this sensor be used on Panasonic and Fuji cameras too!

Panasonic said that this sensor can achieve a high sensitivity and dynamic range that CANNOT be matched by current inorganic (silicon) sensors. The camcorder you see here has these specs:

  • Global Shutter (exposes all pixels at the same time and read the data all at once). This will at last kill the distortion caused by rolling shutters.
  • 88 at 60fps
  • Panasonic said the sensor has “high sensitivity” and “wide dynamic range” but did not share exact numbers
  • It has a step less electronic ND filter (Panasonic said it does NOT change color balance when using it)
  • Sensor can switch between “high-sensitivity” mode and “high-saturation” mode

I am loving that!


More info about that sensor on this previous 43rumors article.

KIPON releases world-first full-frame lenses for new Nikon Z & Canon R mount cameras from third-party manufacturer

Today Kipon announced their first five new manual focusing lenses for Canon EOS-R and Nikon Z cameras. Those lenses are already available as E-mount version at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK.

Press text:

KIPON announced ELEGANT series lenses, world-first full-frame lenses for new Nikon Z mount and Canon R mount cameras from third-party.

After 6 years non-stop learning for how to make high quality lenses, KIPON accumulated rich experience now, The reason why we use ELEGANT to name this lineup is because we want to transfer exactly how we develop these lenses from design to manufacture.They are consistent with our inertial thinking and philosophy about developing products in our company.

Lenses would be available before the end of Dec 2018,price as below,
24mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 499USD
35mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 468USD
50mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 325USD
75mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 355USD
90mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 386USD


Thanks Mistral!

Panasonic: 8k on MFT is complicated while 8k on Full frame is coming in 2020

L-rumors spotted and translated this new Panasonic interview posted by the french website Mizuwari. And yes there are some bad news for MFT and good for the future L-mount fans:

1) Panasonic’s first goal is to give current MFT users a possibility to step up into Full Frame.

2) There are some physical limitations with MFT that Panasonic wants to overcome with Full Frame. Panasonic had no doubt that theyr would arrive in full format one day or another, because technically speaking the 8K on Micro 4/3 is complicated, if not impossible.

3) Panasonic will keep the promise and announce an 8K Full Frame camera by 2020

4) The full format will not meet the expectations and needs of a lot of users who will choose to turn to Lumix, if only because of size and price. So, of course, again, we will continue to release Micro 4/3 lenses and cameras, and our 10-25mm f / 1.7 under development is a good example of this.

5) Already 8 years ago Panasonic was thinking about going Full Frame

I wonder what Olympus managers are thinking right now. Will they go Full Frame too?

Sony says we got no problem making f/1.0 lenses but f/1.2 are economically more feasible

Oh yes folks, we are back talking about the mount size discussion. Nikon somehow introduced that viral argument that “Bigger is Better” when it comes to mount size and the web is full of heated debates on this.

It’s my understanding that yes mount size can give you in some occasions a little bit of advantage but that this is actually negligible and certainly not as remarkable as suggested by the Nikon marketing machine.

Sony manager Tanaka just gave a clear answer on that matter: No, mount size doesn’t matter! Sony would have no issue making f/1.0 autofocus lenses but the real limit here is economical and practical. Such a lens would be huge and very expensive. Mr. Tanaka said that f/1.2 autofocus lenses make much more sense.

My personal bet is that Sony will launch a 85mm f/1.2 FE lens to smack it into the face of Nikon marketing machine :)