Samsung NX200 with built-in EVF?

As we all know Sony will announce the NEX_7 with built-in Viewfinder by end of August. And it looks like they will be NOT the only one doing so! According to the leaked information (in Chinese forums) the NX will also have a built-in OLED viewfinder! It has a radical new design, handling and styling.

We expect the NX200 to be announced in September!!!


P.S.: Olympus PEN Pro with built-in EVF will not be announced this year.

New Samsung interview at Megapixel (1000mm lens, new Pentax adapter and new sensor!)

Megapixel (Click here) had a small talk with Sungrok Kim – Samsung’s regional product manager for Digital Imaging (Middle East & North Africa). There are a couple of interesting notes:

1) “We have the technology to develop a medium format cameras but we are not going to do that because this is not our market.“..:”What you see in the image was developed for internal purposes in order to look into future technologies.”.  My question to our readers, would you develop a medium format camera just for fun? :)

2) And again read that: “we developed a 1000mm lens for astronomical use – but again just for internal purposes.”. Looks like Samsung employees are big fans of astronomy ;)

3) “We are also working on an adaptor for Pentax lenses although it currently does not support autofocus.

4) “Samsung is currently developing a new generation of APS-C CMOS sensors with higher resolution for its future line of compact system cameras. We defiantly have plans to expend both the exiting lines and create new ones.”

I suggest you to read the full interview at Megapixel (Click here) to learn more!

Leica confirms again: Coming with new mirrorless system in 2012

There could be soon a interchangeable version of the ! Leica once again re-confirmed that they will announce a new mirrorless system in 2012. It will be a NON-rangefinder system with APS-C or larger sensor.

British Journal of Photography talked with Mr Shcopf from Leica: “It’s more than an idea,” says Schopf. “You will see something at the next Photokina.” The new system will use an “APS-C sized sensor at least,” says Schopf.

HOT! First image of the real Sony NEX-7 image!

Oh guys! That camera could kick the [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink] in the butt! You are now looking at the first NEX_7 pictures which has a built-in OLED viewfinder (3 million dot resolution). It features a 24 Megapixels sensor and has plenty of manual controls (although not as nice as the [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink]).

This is a REAL picture of a prototype. So there might be small changes but I have been told this is how the new NEX will look!

Once again Fuji confirms they will may (re-)enter the interchangeable lens market!

Even at the prestigious Amateur Photographer magazine Fuji confirmed they will may re-enter the interchangeable lens market. Now let’s hope it will not take that long. The FUji Guys alreayd promised us some surprise product in September and tehre are alreayd rumors about Fuji rady to join the m43 system.

Let’s see!

One more thing: There are new detailled Fuji X100 reviews at TheOnlinePhotographer (Click here) and Neocamera (Click here). And those are the direct X100 search links at [shopcountry 100018].