Listen to Sony’s answer to Nikon’s anti-mirrorless arguments :)

You surely remember how Nikon “arguments” against the mirrorless camera performance during their D5 presentation (video here on SAF, watch from min 8). Well you have to listen to Sony’s answer during yesterdays product presentation in NYC. Watch from minute 9.30:

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New rumors: X-E2s, Olympus 300mm, PEN-F, A6xxx

Let me catch up with some other “mirrorless” rumors I got in these last couple of days:

On January 15 along the X-PRO2, 100-400mm and X70 Fuji will also announce a quite strange new camera: The X-E2s! Fujirumors reports: “the most relevant changes/improvements compared to the X-E2 will be firmware based.“. Very strange…

Olympus will announce the 300mm PRO lens on January 6th and the PEN-F by end of January (43rumors).

Sony is rumored to go back to a Sony A-mount camera announcement. Not sure this will be the first “A-mount mirrorless” camera. The A6xxx is probably due for a Cp+ release in late February.

Samsung patents a superslim NX lens!


Weeks ago we reported how Samsung will now focus on “emerging” photo camera markets while the more “classic” system camera development could be gone forever. Recently we spotted many new patents describing smartphone devices with NX mount module (article here). And today we spotted another new patent describing a superslim lens that could perfectly fit those kind of devices.

The advantage of such a sim lens os that it would still keep the “pocketability” of the smartphone.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-22 um 15.38.40


Below is another patent design shwoing the NX mount at work on a smartphone. On that image you see a different and larger lens (not the same lens we spotted today).