Leica M9-P and new Elmarit 21mm lens announced (Ken Rockwell blames Leica)

Leica found a way to aks even more money for the fullframe Leica M9 ;) The new Leica M9-P comes wthout that red Leica logo, a new cover glass made of Sapphire, a new Vulcanite leatherette cover and old style Leica engraving on top of the camera. For that you wil have to spend $500 more than the current “normal” M9.

And than we have a new expensive Leica Super Elmar M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH lens you can already preorder on Adorama (Click here) for $2,995.00.

UPDATE: Ken Rockwell is pretty upset with that anouncement: “Same as the M9, with the sapphire screen Leica removed from the M8 when it introduced the M9 in order to give themselves this upgrade path as we predicted them to do back in 2009 when they cheated us out of the sapphire that the M8 had. Leica is getting like the Japanese: two steps forward (full-frame and no IR filters needed), and one step back for future upgrades (remove the sapphire cover in 2009 so they can add it in 2011 and claim something new).

The improvements list of the new Fuji X100 firmware!

The Fuji guys are tweeting the info about the upcoming Fuji X100 firmware.

  • 1/3 stop adjustments now available in all modes on FinePix X100
  • Red Eye removal can be disabled when shooting RAW on FinePix X100
  • You can get into the “FN” assignment menu by holding down the “FN” button for 3 secs on FinePix X100
  • Exiting sleep mode now by pressing the shutter button on the X100. No longer required to hold halfway for a few sec.
  • Size of AF Area is maintained even after switching between OVF/EVF/LCD
  • The new firmware should be announced within the next days!

    Reminder: Check the Fuji X100 in Stock status by clicking those direct search links: [shopcountry 100018].

    Panasonic GF3 and Leica 25mm announced (professional GF and 2 more lenses coming in autumn)

    Today Panasonic announced the new GF3 and Leica 25mm lens. Full news and reviews coverage is available here at 43rumors. And Panasonic gave already some hints about the future product. There will be a professional GF camera, a GH2 successor and two more lenses in autumn!

    Black GF3 with 14mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
    White GF3 with 14mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
    Red GF3 with 14mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
    Brown GF3 with 14mm lens at Amazon (Click here).

    New Fuji X100 reviews (and new firmware coming in two weeks?)

    Cool Fuji X100 commercial (via Steve Huff)

    There is a new Fuji X100 test at Digitalcamerareview (Click here): “Image quality and the ability to extensively customize image parameters make this an easy camera to like, but I found the experience tainted by the controls, and to a lesser extent some menu operations.” They higly recommend the cameras as it does Mr-Ken Rockwell! He just published a new artciel which claims that the Fuji X100 has “The World’s Most Accurate Color“. If you want to read a more “real” review read the field review at Seriouscompacts.

    P.S.: The new firmware coul be released in two weeks (X100rumors.com)!

    Check the Fuji X100 in Stock status at [shopcountry ”].


    New Sony NEC-C3, NEX flash and 30mm macro announced!

    This page gets continually updated! Keep checking for news (latest added news on top of each category).

    You can already preorder the new stuff!

    Sony NEX-C3 BLACK at Amazon (Click here).
    Sony NEX-C3 SILVER at Amazon (Click here).
    Sony NEX-C3 PINK at Amazon (Click here).
    Sony 30mm macro at Amazon (Click here).


    Sony NEX-C3: toma de contacto (Quesabesde).
    NEX-C3 First look at Amateur Photgrapher.
    Full NEX-C3 review at Focus Numerique (Click here ot read the google english translation).
    First look on Photoreview.
    HOT: Sony NEX-C3 preview at DPreview.

    Image samples

    NEX-C3 image samples at Dpreview, Focus Numerique (ISO comparison with the Panasonic G3 and Olympus E-PL2), Imaging Resource (Studio test).


    HOT: Sony officially announced that the new NEX-3/5 firmware will come on June 20th!
    “A firmware upgrade (Version 4) adds the new ‘Picture Effect’ function to existing NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras. It also adds a Peaking function to assist with more precise manual focusing. This upgrade will be available June 20thand can be downloaded from: (www.esupport.sony.com). “
    See the picture effects at Dpreview.
    NEX-C3 ships in late July or August, and will be offered with those familiar 18-55mm and 16mm kit lenses for $649 and $599, respectively. Bodies paired with the zoom will be available in black, pink, and silver, while the camera in the fixed-lens kit will only ship in black.
    There’s also a new 30mm f/3.5 macro lens ($249, October) and a larger external flash ($149, August) for the NEX series
    Sony says the new NEX-C3 cam is designed to fill the gap between point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, and is the smallest body to pack an APS-C sensor.
    Price in Europe: NEX-C3 + 16mm for 580 €. With 18-55 mm for 630 €. Double kit for 730 €
    The flash costs 150 Euro.

    Links to Press release

    NEX-C3, A35 and macro lens at Photoscala.
    Sony NEX-C3, 30mm Macro Lens & F20S Flash Announced (Photographybay).
    NEX-C3 article on Amateur Photographer.
    Article on Engadget.
    Sony NEX-C3 at Imaging Resource.
    Sony Alpha NEX-C3 : fiche technique (Alpha Numerique).
    HVL-F20S pour NEX : et le flash devient accessoire pour 150 euros (Focus Numerique)


    Japanese NEX-C3 commercial (Youtube).
    Hands-on video on CNET.
    Sony Alpha NEX-C3 Hands-On Preview (Youtube).
    Sony Nex C3 Alfa 35 primi scatti test (Youtube).

    Holga mirrorless system Open Source project (We like it!).

    Saikat Biswas designed that nice Holga D mirrorless system camera. it’s just a concept not a REAL camera. Saikat says: “The biggest ‘feature’ of the Holga D is lack of features! It has absolute bare minimum feature set that you need for unobtrusive photography.

    And the cool thing is that Saikat plans to realize that camera by creating an open source platform! Find out more detail about the proposal of Open-source camera platform here. To realize the project you must it would be great if you could spread the word and pull in people who you think would be able to contribute to the development of Holga D!!!

    I really think the idea is amazing. That is something big companies should have done before, create an open source camera! Thanks Saikat for that project! We will keep an eye on you! :)