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Can the A7s be hacked to unlock full 4K internal and 4:2:2 recording?

Nabil Fatih says he is working on new Sony A7s hack which unlocks the full camera potential. This means internal 4K, 10 Bit 4:2:2 recording and a lot of other goodies. On the comments of the vimeo video he posted:

Sony Statements are often BS. So it doesn’t matter what Sony say or not.
The 8bit 420 lock was made in purpose to push you buying pro cameras like the FS7 for example, same goes to the micro transaction with 4K upgrade and co on different camera, for example the future update for FS5, Sony will ask you to pay to add DCI 4K, they call their camera 4K when they are not, 3840 = 3K Horizontal line and 2160p still remains 2K Vertical lines, DCI 4K is what supposed to be 4K, real 4K = Square 4096×4096, so when Sony or other brand said 4K camera, do you think is a correct information ?.
A7S is totally capable of offering 10bit 422 without any problem.


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