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Big Monday announcement timeline: Full info here and….

Tomorrow (Monday Sept.19) we will have plenty of press events at the Photokina show:

12:30 Berlin time Panasonic (G80, FZ2000, LX10, GH5 pre announcement, new lenses)
14:00 Berlin time Canon (nothing new to announce, they will talk about the already announced cameras)
15:00 Berlin time Sony (probably nothing new to announce. If there is something new than maybe the A9?)
16:00 Berlin time Nikon (mirrorless surprise?)
17:00 Berlin time Fuji (New medium format camera)
18:30 Berlin time Olympus (E-PL8, 25mm f/1.2, 12-100mm f/4.0, 30mm macro, E-M1II pre-announcement)

So far only Olympus will live stream the event. As usual you can follow the liveblogging here on Mirrorlessrumors!

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