Upcoming Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Canon and Olympus announcement info.


After Photokina we had a long quite time with no major mirrorless camera release. This is about to change and at least five companies (but I think there will be more) have scheduled some sort of product announcements within the next 6 weeks:

Sony: Sony will launch the new NEX-7n in early April. it will have a High Resolution 3.8 million dot EVF and new 24 Megapixel sensor. There will be new E-mount lenses too.
Panasonic: Two new MFT cameras could be announced, likely the GF7 and G7.
Olympus: Still not sure yet but latest rumors say that the new E-P5 may be announced in April with availability in June-July
Samsung: NX-R could be announced in March. It still has to be seen if that High End mirrorless will feature a FF sensor or not
Canon: New EOS-M camera with integrated viewfinder and 24MP sensor.

But according to veyr latest info also Zeiss, Fuji and Pentax-Ricoh will announce some new stuff in April!

Hot time coming! Be prepared!

  • Mr.Tritium

    Sony, you just released a very good 35/1.8, now it time to make a good 23mm, I BEG YOU!

    • vodanh1982

      Are you serious? You are a customer and have to beg a vendor?

    • pjpo

      No kidding! The 24mm isn’t quite wide enough. What we really need is a 23.

      If the Zeiss were f/1.4, there would be room for a 24mm f/2 like the RX1. As it stands, that will never ever happen. Maybe 24mm f/2.8, but there are already 19, 20 (soon), and 30mm options for that.

  • Dummy00001

    So it’s 24MP all around?

    I would have rather had 8MP Foveon-like sensor camera, even if without video. But I gather I have more chances of it happening on a mobile phone than in a DSLR.

  • Mike

    I just made for fun this mockup of the pentax k-02, a blend between the ugly k-01 and the ricoh gxr


  • Chris

    Admin, please can you tell us if you have any more details on the Pentax Ricoh? Is it a Pentax or Ricoh product?

  • kuishinbou

    What new stuff is Fuji planning to announce? Will it be lenses or camera bodies? Hopefully both!

  • y5y5u

    Yes as long as you only shoot at base ISO the Foveon sensor is great really great in fact pity it sucks at everything else

  • Mr.Tritium

    The Zeiss 24/1.8 is very expensive, quite big and heavy and has no stab. So I’m still waiting for a cheaper and stabilized 22~24mm prime. If they could do it for 35mm it must be possible.

  • vodanh1982

    I think it is a Pentax according to the mystery magazine cover page. http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/nippon-magazine-camera-roamdap-speculation-for-all-companies/

  • Edgar

    Why would you need stabilization on a wide angle lens?

  • Herve

    Hopefully lenses first! Time to announce the 23mm f1.4, 56mm f1.4 and 10-23mm f4 OS that were promised for early/middle 2013! I’m more than ready to buy the 2 primes, and most probably the zoom…

  • Vivek

    Sony ought to be told what we need than begging and or pleading what we want. I agree.

  • lorenzino

    wow, I had completely forgotten the wide zoom. If it is compact enough, that could seriously be a plus for the E system (which so far is the best camera-wise, and alas the worst lens-wise…)

  • Atlasman

    I wouldn’t call the 35mm f1.8 a very good lens—at best, it’s adequate.

  • kuishinbou

    Apparently the 23mm and the 10-22mm will not be out until the fall or early winter, which is a little late, but expected. To continue to compete with the competition, they need to upgrade the x-E1 with the sensor and features in the x100s, including minimum shutter speed setting. Although the x-E1 arguably has better image quality than other mirrorless cameras, and the manual controls and retro design are very appealing, the x-E1 is still behind in AF performance. The new features should put it ahead of the competition, which would be fantastic and a long awaited efficient and accurate x-series camera with interchangeable lenses.

  • Juwergen

    oh boy always these stupid questions… VIDEO!!!!!

  • x for an e

    The wide zoom for the “E system” (sony) is already released, and it’s 10-18mm. The discussion here refers to the wide zoom for the “X system” (fuji), that’s due to be released at the end of this year.