After Photokina we had a long quite time with no major mirrorless camera release. This is about to change and at least five companies (but I think there will be more) have scheduled some sort of product announcements within the next 6 weeks:

Sony: Sony will launch the new NEX-7n in early April. it will have a High Resolution 3.8 million dot EVF and new 24 Megapixel sensor. There will be new E-mount lenses too.
Panasonic: Two new MFT cameras could be announced, likely the GF7 and G7.
Olympus: Still not sure yet but latest rumors say that the new E-P5 may be announced in April with availability in June-July
Samsung: NX-R could be announced in March. It still has to be seen if that High End mirrorless will feature a FF sensor or not
Canon: New EOS-M camera with integrated viewfinder and 24MP sensor.

But according to veyr latest info also Zeiss, Fuji and Pentax-Ricoh will announce some new stuff in April!

Hot time coming! Be prepared!

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