The “cheap” Fuji X-E1 gets leaked!


Yesterday we read the rumor about a new X PRO 2 model and in the meantime Digicaminfo found those nice pics of the entry level X-E1 Fuji camera! As you see there is no optical viewfinder…and it seemd to have an electronic viewfinder only. It comes in Black and in Silver. The price is still unknown. There is also a picture of the new XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS. Now let’s see if the X PRO 2 is coming too!

  • Woodent

    there actually seems to be an eyepiece of a viewfinder, specifically pronounced on the silver version. How does one know that it is electronic-only?

    • MattyJ47

      Im gonna say electronic viewfinder, hopefully we get some focus peaking as well.

    • Barry

      It can only have electronic vf as there is no window on the front of the body.

    • Stageshadow

      There is no glass window on the front and there is also no mirror in the box, so how should a OVF work?
      So I guess it is a EVF only

      • Woodent

        true… makes sense. Thanks

  • Bernard

    WAIT, I can see a viewfinder on the back! what could be that black part over the back of the body otherwise?

    • Chaitanya

      yes, but its an electronic viewfinder.

    • Jesper

      Come on, read the text, Admin wrote it could be an EVF, but OVF is almost out of question.

  • Peerla

    Maybe because there’s no hole in the front panel? Think it’s time for a coffee :)

  • Mark

    I think, based on the images and the text, it seems there is an electronic viewfinder only and no LCD screen. Which sounds interesting, and a brave gamble.

    • Jesper

      No LCD, how did you extract that information from the text, or was it your own speculation?

  • ZDP-189

    Maybe this is a better choice than the X-Pro

  • Swagger

    Also has a useful built-in flash….good


    With this model they seem to make it better. Built-in flash, propably smaller and lighter, hopefully better AF performance.

    Could become a serious competitor for the NEX-6.

    • Sahaja

      Hope they add “focus-peaking” like the NEX.

  • kylberg

    Looks nice! Only EVF and LCD. What quality on the EVF? The XPro1 is below average. What about processor performance and support to AF? The XPro1 is below average.
    What sensor? Diopter adjustment?
    Many ?-marks to be answered before we can say Fuji has a mature mirrorless, ILC concept at the high end. Just being most expensive and most Leica-look-alike is not enough!
    (From a guy who thought the X Pro 1 being extremely interesting, but ended up buying a Nikon D800 :-) )

  • Ben

    I.think it looks really nice. Really retro :-)

  • bollox

    Yawn. Is this finally going to work?

  • Salty

    As an X100 user I find that attempting to use the OVF results in a high proportion of missed focus and innacurate composition, I either use the EVF or the back screen. This camera looks interesting. Hope it’s smaller than the Pro-1

    • Mr.Tritium

      That zoom is a real beauty! I really hope Canicon&co will follow and stop to sell us the usual 3.5-5.5 crap.

    • Nico Foto

      At first I had the same problem. So I started using the EVF only. But that suck battery at an alarming pace, so I went back to OVF…and in the end I got quite accustomed to it. I just adjusted my mind so that I know that i’m gonna get a bit more in the frame borders…and that has even helped my compositions in some cases, because i tend to frame too tightly sometimes…and in the (few) cases where there’s just too much in the frame, I can always crop, no big deal.

  • ras

    this is in direct competiton with the sony nex-7, though i wonder if the price could be much lower than the x-pro1. maybe $300 less?

    the evf and af better be improved, because the x-e1 doesn’t look quite as nice as the nex-7. still, fuji’s got the upper hand on lenses, and they’re adding more at a steady pace.

  • Ragnarok

    Down to the lens this is the L1 replacement that Panasonic never released. Thanks Fuji!

    • Nico Foto


      It looks great. Seems smaller than X-Pro 1. Maybe x100 sized. Perfect.

      If they get rid of the stupid firmware issues, and manage to improve AF speed so it is on par with say, Panasonic GH2, then we have a winner!!!

  • physica

    The “XF” Wording at the lens stand alone was in Red…… but the one plug at the Camera was in White…… ?

  • Kees

    With its style, it beats the NEX for a camera on which to use most legacy glass. Camera looks great without the new lens, and I wonder how many people would attach a modern zoom lens to this retro-body? Well, it does put pressure on Panasonic to release a decent m43 alternative with everything + maybe something to compensate for the smaller sensor (focus peaking?)

    • Austin

      How would this be the best choice for adapted lenses? You have terrible video, not as good LCD or EVF, and no focus peaking. There you go, losing one of the best reasons to adapt glass, and the composition aspects are more difficult. There’s no reason it would be better than a 7 for adapted glass.

    • kylberg

      For legacy lenses neither Fuji nor Sony NEX are optimal. Ricoh GXR withy the Leica M-mount module is the only camera DESIGNED FOR legacy lenses like Leica and Voightländer.
      There are issues with corner sharpnes and color shift with Fuji and NEX. Neither are m43 camera sensors/processors designed foor legacy lenses. Of course ther is software like Cornerfix that can be used in PP though.

  • Mike1

    Bravo Fuji. Exactly what I’m looking for. Normally I’m not a fan of EVF, but for the sake of the flexibility of using lenses of different focal lengths, EVF is better than the hybrid.

    Just hope Fuji has also fixed a few issues of X-Pro1, especially the AF, then this is definitely the Xmas present to myself :)

    • Nico Foto

      +1. As long as they put a decent EVF in there (say, 800×600 resolution with a fast refresh rate), it should be good enough.

  • Camaman

    No FUJI lettering on the camera front?
    Looks strange.

    But I love it. That is a real compact system camera to compete with NEX and m43.

    Of course if they don’t develop IBIS, Olympus will always have that, not so small advantage.
    But a Oly will always have a 1 stop disadvantage in sensor and DOF control.

    So in words they are 1:1

    People who care to have both features at the same time are really in trouble. :-)

  • peevee

    The tunnel VF doesn’t make any sense anyway, especially with zoom lenses. The f/2.8-4 kit zoom is what every kit zoom should be.

    • Mr.Tritium

      +1! I really hope Canicon&co will follow and stop to sell us the usual 3.5-5.5 crap.

      • Camaman

        YES PLEASE!
        28mm f2.8 and 85mm f4 equivalents and DOF results are actually quite usable

        In m43, world little less so, but at least you would get more light. It’s about time we evolve from f3.5-5.6 kit zooms.

        Fuji is putting on the pressure, that is good. In doing these small innovations they will end up with a appealing system in max 2yrs from now.

      • brudy

        Both Canon and Nikon offer faster, constant aperture zooms.

    • Nico Foto

      +1 again. Fuji seems to understand photographer’s needs. Now, if they only manage to launch this camera without annoyances in the firmware, it could be a great alternative in the mirrorless arena. I could see myself with this camera, and 3 primes for my travel/street photo needs, my x100 as second camera, and a full frame for my other stuff (sports mainly). GREAT.

  • simon

    now the same for mft an smaller as well plus a 17/1.4 semi-pancake come on oly or pana please :)

  • Mr.Tritium

    I really hope it’s lighter than the X-pro which as heavy as entry level DSLRs!

  • Justin

    Erm, where’s the aperture ring on the lens? How is that automatic/manual switch meant to work? There is no facility to control aperture through the body on the X Pro 1.

  • David Haworth

    How do you change aperture on that zoom lens? doesn’t the fuji x system have an aperture ring on the lens? it may well be an electrical control rather than mechanically linked, but this lens doesn’t have one at all. It does seem to have a button that would seem to put aperture into auto mode or not but I don’t see how to change it.

  • McPIX

    Tricky thing what to choose: OMD, NEX6/7, X-PRO, X-E1… so many nice tools and each one with it’s own highlights.
    I’m planning to change from DSLR and just waiting for the right stuff 😉

  • RK

    Would be great if this used the upcoming 16 MP Sony sensor w/ phase-detect pixels for faster AF. Would also make sense if they used a traditional Bayer array w/ weak AA filter to further differentiate from the X-Pro 1.

    Tried the X-Pro 1 out a month ago – amazing image quality, but the AF speed made it a challenge for our purpose (toddler pics). I went into the purchase hopeful that AF would match our GF1, but it didn’t come close. At least for us.

    We also missed a ton of shots due to the OVF, so ended up trying the EVF… which had too much lag to keep up. Hopefully this is another area of improvement in the X-E1, since an OVF is not present for moving subjects.

  • Miroslav

    Looks way better than X-Pro. Pity they’ve kept the shutter speed dial.

    • E

      There is a shutter dial…its right on the top..

      • MJr

        He said: “Pity they’ve kept the..”

  • Pei

    Please add 1/8000 shutter speed and SONY’s new 16mp sensor w/Tran-X filter.

    • E

      you can see right on the pic that 4000 is the highest on the shutter dial…

    • António

      Strange request, considering the specs of the Fuji’s sensor without the Bayer’s filter.

      • Pei

        I meant a new Tran-X sensor based on the new 16mp sensor that’s going to be in NEX-5R and 6.

    • Sergio

      You really want that half-supported Tran-X filter? I find it more trouble than it’s worth currently. And, really, I don’t see a whole lot of difference in IQ at “normal” ISO shooting range between my X100 and XP1. BTW, I don’t shoot JPG

  • Eddie Argos


    1. I understand that the X pro 1 sensor is better that the NEX. (based on the digitalrev review and others)

    2. The current and planned fuji lenses are more appealing to me than any other mirror lenses: 56 1.4, 35 1.4 (already well proven) and 23 1.4. This is by far the most important factor to me. The zeiss sony nex lens is too gigantic.

    Take away the cost of the hybrid viewfinder, if this thing is like $1199 like the sony and i think it’s a more compelling offering.

    • Sahaja

      The 24mm zeiss sony nex lens is not only too big, it is too expensive. Add that to the cost of a nex7 and the price difference between the nex and the xpro disappears.

    • Zony

      Sony in announcing a ‘pancake’ 18-55mm at the P-K show (or sooner). While their use of the word ‘pancake’ is far too liberal, it definitely is a much shorter zoom lens than what Sony has put out for the E-mount so far. You can check out it’s size at Sony alpha rumors site.

      • Denis

        > While their use of the word ‘pancake’ is far too liberal

        Examples of their “too liberal” usage?

  • Sahaja

    Admin: Any idea of when these Fuji cameras will be announced?

  • Omd

    Any word on video performance …. And i just bought an OMD … Can’t keep up with this stuff

    • rcreek

      Hah! Don’t even try. Just take pictures :-)

  • kylberg

    This Fuji and the zoom will be expensive – part of the Fuji strategy.
    In the end: Think a Pana GXx or an Oly E-Px with built in EVF and sensor/processor on EM-5 level. Would cost a lot less than the Fuji and be very nice to work with + very high IQ.
    Also the Nex7/6 will be very nice. At one time Sony will a) understand HQ lensaes are a must, b) develop those.
    There are several mature cameras that will compete with the E-X1, how mature will that be? If it is, it will kill all sales of X-Pro1.

  • Al

    Fuji is the only brand that could pull me away from Olympus. I’ve been lusting over the X100 for a long time.

  • Izumi

    It’s gladdening to see that the colour of the sensor makes it seem that there’s film in the camera.
    Ah, the good olden days…

  • Martin

    I wouldn’t call 800*600 (i.e., 460 kdot) decent, at least not by CSC standards. The Panasonic G and GH cameras (with the notable exception of the economy model G10) have had 1.44 mdot EVFs since ages, and recent competitors like the NEX 7 (2.4 mdot) go even higher. Note that the latter EVF resolutions are on par with or even higher than those offered by many full-fledged computer displays.

  • Kees

    Just talking about the style, as I think this is the main selling point of the camera… I think quite some people will look around markets for old lenses and want a retro-styled camera to match these. NEX is probably better in all other aspects, but I wonder what sells better.

  • Camaman

    …miss the point much?
    The posts were about kit zooms.

  • Mr.Tritium

    These Canicon f2.8 zooms are more than twice heavier and MUCH bigger. Clearly not playing in the same league.

  • T-L

    If you look closely, there is a ring right next to the switch – that should be an aperture ring, IMO. Then there are two rings divided with the thin silver ring, the bigger is zoom ring and the smaller should be focus ring.

  • Joe

    Really? The shutter speed dial and aperture ring on the lenses are big reasons people go for the XPro1 in the first place.

  • Mark

    “As you see there is no optical viewfinder…and it seem(e)d to have an electronic viewfinder only”

    I figured, unless this quote from the text is a little flawed, that was the only logical conclusion. Otherwise wouldn’t it make more sense to simply state it had an EOVF.

    Most likely I was way off the mark. The idea intrigues me though.

  • bb

    the new 14mm proves the aperture ring is right below the focus ring.

  • ElDorado

    I think that ring is a focusing ring unless they choose to give up manual focus in favor or fly by wire aperture because if this is the aperture ring, it looks like its clickless.

  • MJr

    Indeed. F*ck PASM, with those two dials you have all four modes at once !

  • Miroslav

    There are many more useful functions for a wheel on a camera in 2012: ISO, WB, etc. They should have at least left the choice up to the user.

  • Sahaja

    If your “legacy glass” is M-mount, OK – but if it isn’t?

  • Kelvin

    Well not exactly gladdening. Seeing the film inside the camera means that the frame is ruined :(