Sony NEX-F3 (specs leaked) and new 18-200mm NEX lens coming on May 17th.


Sony didn’t manage to keep the secret on the new upcoming new cameras. Their Malaysian press event is now all over the web :)
Here are the specs of the NEX-F3 and the new 18-200mm lens:

Sony NEX F3
16.1 MP same as A37
latest Bionz processor
ISO 16,000 from 100.
24p 1080p HD or 60i
MP4 Codec
3:2 in MP4 mode
Auto Portrait Framing
180 degree LCD for easier self portraits
Clear image zoom is present if you want
Built in flash
Improved battery performance to 470 images per charge
Charge on the go via USB to pc
Accessory terminal: you can add the trufinder or the microphone
Ergonomic grip addition like the 5n
No touchscreen
Silver, black and white.
June $599 with kit lens no 16mm f2.8 bundle

18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS in black going to be announced in summer.

  • Dummy00001

    > 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS in black going to be announced in summer.

    Yes, because we all love – deeply – the APS-C’s signature superzooms.

    Question to Sony: where are the pancakes?!

    • Miroslav

      No pancakes for NEX anytime soon. Not possible with that sensor size and that register distance.

  • SL

    But thats not the “new zoom” that will be announced in may ?! New informations about that one ?

  • Vivek

    Instead of pancakes like the 16/2.8 (they ought to discontinue that one- it really is a pancake! ) they should come up with useful lenses.

  • Camaman

    Mp4? Nice!:-)

  • Kylberg

    New lens???? When it comes in a new color???

  • white

    In 2013 Sony will announce a new e mount lens – white 18-55mm

  • henrik

    No touchscreen then? That’s unsmart.

  • admin

    I am also waiting for pancakes :(

  • Cteve

    Samsung have pancakes with their APS-C system…

  • soldar

    and nikon and pentax… sony just suck at lenses ;p

  • Miroslav

    Bigger register distance enables Samsung to make high quality pancakes, albeit in 30-45mm equivalent focal lengths.

    Sony wanted to make camera bodies as thin as possible and are paying the price for that. They better put liquid lenses into practice or open up a fast food chain 😉 if they want to make some more pancakes.

  • Miroslav

    Nikon has 1″ sensor while Pentax has stayed with DSLR register distance and has a hollow tube in front of the sensor in K-01.