Sony NEX cameras hack project officially started! Olympus announcement next week…



Vitaly Kiselev announced the new NEX and Alpha hack project in collaboration with the hacker called “Someone1.00”. The official forum can be seen here: Great news for all NEX owners! And we are also curious to see how Sony will allow programmers to work on the new NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras that are “rumored” to have Application support.

Meantime Olympus will have a new announcement next week. No big deal, we expect the 60mm macro to be released (this lens was already shown in May).

  • Eddie Argos

    I don’t get the appeal of being able to do this stuff. Most sensible people are not going to risk bricking their camera for little or no benefit. It’s for a very small amount of hackers that get off on it I guess.

    • Esrhan

      The risks are minimal and real benefits come out when people want their video footage to actually look good. The out of box compression settings these cameras have are set low deliberately and artificially, when they can easily sustain higher levels. It’s a simple equation of people paying for something that doesn’t perform as good as it could, and all it takes to make it better, is a guy accessing the software.

  • Tobias W.

    I still hope that Olympus will also announce black versions of some of their silver only prime lenses. Maybe they will introduce a black 12mm and black 45mm.

  • robbie

    Vitaly’s work on the Panasonic G series made my Japan-bought GF1 useable by re-enabling the language menu. This alone was absolutely worth the minor risk involved.