Sexy all black X100 in Stock. Not so sexy K-01 also :)


The sexy all black limited X100 edition is in Stock at Adorama (Click here). The just a tiny bit less sexy Pentax K-01 is also in Stock at Amazon (Click here). You choose! :)


  • Frosti7

    There should be a law against mentioning sexy fuji x cameras and the tonka in the same context

  • Gabriel

    At, K-01 naked beauty is 849euro, the not so sexy k5 is 829euro naked too. Same sensor, but very different look and feel. The only advantage at the k-01 is that everybody smile when you take a photo with it 😉 On the other side, the pentax Q is at 419euro with the 8.5mm. It’s a correct price for a small sensor high end compact.

  • Matt

    And that goes to show how much the K-01 will be in a few months, probably around 600 euro.

  • pete

    The yellow one should sell well. Ugly duckling. Sorry, can’t resist. :-)

    Heck, somehow it looks less ugly now, after looking at the pictures for a week. There is still a chance I may get one.

  • JoeE

    The K-01 has to be one of the ugliest design-fails in modern consumer electronics. It’s up there with the Pontiac Aztek, one of the ugliest cars to be released in the last 2 decades…

  • brudy

    I think the all black looks so amazing. But $500 over the regular price? Highway robbery.