Samsung NX300 and 45mm f1.8 3D First Impressions


Image courtesy: The Phoblographer

Samsung unveiled the NX300 MILC and the 45mm f/1.8 3D lens today, and Chris Gampat at The Phoblographer was already able to play around with it. The main caracteristics:

  • 20.3MP sensor
  • ability to shoot 3D and 2D stills
  • video (1920×1080, 1920×810, 1280×720 , 640×480, 320×240), HDMI 1.4a output
  • DRIMe 4 engine
  • contrast and phase detect focusing
  • WiFi connectivity
  • AMOLED touch screen

Chris’ first impression:

The NX300 felt awesome in my hands, though it was a bit bigger than I’d like. The lovely screen is very much a show stealer: and the company seems to be positioning itself for an even more aggressive push in the camera market. In the years passed, Samsung wasn’t always such a big hit. But maybe now they will be. This little camera surely deserves it from what I’ve seen so far.

[via The Phoblographer]

Image courtesy: The Phoblographer

Image courtesy: The Phoblographer



  • Hollander

    Awesome Samsung lenses are one of the est secrets in the mirrorless world and now it’s good to see their cameras are starting to bloom.

  • fab

    only one dial that doesn’t seem well placed? ouch…

  • Vivek

    The camera registry is all wrong. I wonder how this 20MP sensor (same sensor from the Pentax days?) is, compared to the one in the NX10 I had for one long month.

    I do like their lens line up and the flashes. They are top notch. Unfortunately, I can’t use them in any of my cams. :(

    • bob

      Then you should buy a camera that lets yo use samsung lenses. When was the last time you seen olympus and pano give you a 20mp sensor? and if its improved even further from last year, than whats the problem? you think m43 and nex products are perfect? Look at how many camera sony took to even put in a MODE DIAL. And this om-d at 1400, no thanks, ive got better things to do with 1400 bucks then to spend it on m43. when their lenses go on sale you get about a dollar off.LOL

  • Marco

    I love my nx200 and nx100. I don’t see myself buying this nx300, since it seems to have the same sensor (perhaps a bit tweaked) that sits in the nx200, but nevertheless Ithink it’s a nice addition to the camera range. If they did a camera with a fuji like shape (and with an evf nicer than the one in nx20) I could buy it!

  • Nobody

    According to the source from SLRClub, NX300 will feature focus peaking as well. :)

  • Dummy00001

    > 20.3MP sensor

    Same old noisy sensor? coupled with the same crappy JPEG engine?? – Any word on this two, Admin?

    P.S. Okay, okay – thanks God it is not 36MP this time around…

    • Mummy10000

      Its sensor is designed so it has around 105 phase points, and over 247 contrast points. that is alot. As for noisy sensor let me know what mirrorless camera or dslr isnt noisy about 6400 or 3200 iso? I have seen m43 low iso and to be blunt..they suck SHIT compared to apsc. Now i dont know about the omd sensor made by Sony but that thing is 1400 dollars. At that price it better be decent. But this camera is around 700 and the 45mm 599 3d lens or non 3d lens which is only 299 is optional. Only until you use m43 on low iso and pushed the shadow areas do you know how shitty it is. Thats why i dumped my m43 and went to apsc mirrorless. high iso? theyre all noisy, low iso is where it counts and unfortuantely, sub 1000 m4 camera low isos are worth shit. Any higher in price ill get a canon or nikon and protexct my investment.

    • Phil

      The sensor of the NX20 etc. was not so noisy as you mentioned it. In RAW it was quite good – just little bit behind the 16mp Sony Sensor. In low ISO it’s still one of the best sensors on APS-C format.
      The sensor of the NX300 is a new one with new noise reduction technology.

      But you are right with the JPEG-Engine –> it was a bit lame at high iso…

  • Jeff

    “The screen is big (3.3 inches), bright, and beautiful. When I switched the camera into manual focusing mode, it also helped me with focusing due to the combination of magnification and FOCUS PEAKING.”


  • Timccr

    I am really impressed by the NX sample shots I have played around with but if I can’t get a decent underwater housing it’s no use to me. Why on earth doesn’t Samsung go and have a chat with Patima? At this rate I am going to end up having to break my boycott of whale-slaughtering Japanese and get an OMD or PEN in a Nauticam housing.

  • Lukas

    I like these specs! And the look too. I’m wery interested in this one. Now I’m using my NX200 and it perfectly fits my needs. Yes, the RAW processing is a bit slow but with a fast card and the newest firmware it works quite well.

    I am very curious about the phase detect AF. It would be nice if the autofocus speed was improved. In my opinion, the 3D function is almost useless.

    • Soren

      The 3d function is OPTIONAL. The 3d lens is also OPTIONAL. that means if you DONT like it you DONT have to use it.If you DONT want to buy the lens you DONT have to.

  • Steven

    In fact, about a year ago, Samsung has a three-tier sensor patent
    I think it might be because Samsung’s own image of the poor, so they are left unattended,
    However, in principle, with the Sigma and Fujifilm previously published patent method is not identical.

    Related patent document download:

  • donthasslethehoff

    People would buy this camera for the tilt screen and the more polish, the hotshoe is covered but i woulnnt be surprised if it used the same type of sony hotshoe for evf’s. this camera is for those who botched about the nx200 and stayed away waiting. the same sensor could be ok if they improved the higher isos even further.Not to mentio it sia lready a 20mp sensor, it was alot a year ago and its still alot today, given that not many arer past 20mp.Side, ppl complained without using, that samsung nx cameras werent good enought, but then when they make it better, they complain about it still about not being enough. what else to you want?…af the speed of light, a 100mp camera, iso one million?

  • Mirrorless Rep

    HUH? 20 mega sensor from the pentax days? Since when did pentax have a 20mp sensor? ARe you trying to throw any kind of wild propaganda out there just to be funny? What happended to the trollers that actually knew what they were talking about?

  • MdB

    Erm no, the sensor is new from the ones used in older Pentax models – That would be the 14MP used in the NX10 etc. The 20MP is quite a bit improved, but the rest of the cam let it down (but still quite good).

    For me it is the lack of a decent viewfinder that has put me off – The add-on for the NX100 was absolutely woeful and the one in the NX10 etc series was not much better.

  • MdB

    2 dials. One on top, one on the back. A bit like a NEX-6 or E-P3.

  • columbus

    the dial on the top is from the nx200. They had knobs since the nx10, which came out before any sony nex because samsungs mirrorless came out BEFORE sonys. The wheel or dial on the back, been there since the beginning of digital cameras. Samsung sensors have been there own, and this should be the 3rd gen sensor. this sensor af is reported to have 105 phase points and over 240 contrasts points. If thats not an imporvement i dont know what is.

  • Banker

    the sony nex cameras adise form the 7 dont have viewfinders. And if you want an optional one, its around 500 bucks after tax. that ablot of bread. most ppl dont buy optional vfs cause they cost an arm and a leg. the nx100 add was shit, i agree and so was the nx10, but the nx20 has a 1.4 mil evf. Have you tried that yet? a 1.4 mil evf is the standard you must have to see at least decently. But then again, evf’s cost money, that is the bane of mirrorless cameras. Olympus oens have still yet to add on a buiilt in evf. cosndering the cost, whos gonna pay 1100 for a pen camera? nikon v1 had one, att he cost of a smaller sensor. You cant have everything, and you cant expect samsung to give you everything for 700 dollars when the competition deosnt even give you those things. Theyre damned if they do and their damned if they dont. They put in a 20mp sensor, ppl say its too hight, if they put in a low mp sensor, ppl will say its too little, if they give you a apsc sensor, they say its noisy. If they give you improved things, they get blamed for following someone, if they dont follow, they get blamed for doing something other then what everyone else is doing. Theres no winning with the moronic ccamera crowd and im happy that samsug does it their way, regardless of what the camera nerds want cause most ppl who buy cameras are the ladies, the casual folks, the ones who actually go out and spend money , not the ones who go on sites and bitch and moan all day.

  • spam

    I’d like to be able to take 3 pictures in a row in RAW-mode without everything locking up and a seeing “Processing” sign on the screen. Samsung really need to fix this problem, let’s hope they did with the new processor.

  • danny d.

    That 45mm lens 2d look real nice to get. Not as long as 85mm FF and not as wide as 50mm FF. I like the fact that the 2d version is around 299 usd. Had t been a Fuji or Sony or even m43 it would have been at lest 500. Cant wait till it goes on sale it may be just 199 like the rest of the other primes when they go on sale. there aint nothing wrong with cheap primes.

  • Dave Lively

    Both the NEX-7 and 7 have viewfinders. If you want to add one to a 5N the 2.4 megadot Sony external viewfinder from is $259 from B&H with no tax or shipping.

  • MdB

    Who said I was comparing to a NEX? I spend a lot of money on camera gear and have owned an NX10 – which was decent in some areas, but the EVF sucked as did the LCD (OLED) rear screen. The controls were pretty good though and the 30mm I had was excellent. 1.4 million dots is the base line, not something special and I have used both field sequential and non in 1.4mil EVFs and yes they are decent. The problem had been though that the small NX cameras such as the 1000 and 200/210/300 do not have optional EVFs and the NX20 while being a bit thinner isn’t that much smaller than something like an A37 which has a better sensor, is faster, has better AF and is half the price of an NX20, both with 1.4mil dot EVfs – so they can’t be that expensive.

    The Samsung NX series have in MY opinion been pretty average cameras, not bad at all, just not great. Their lenses are certainly nice and I’m hopeful that Samsung will start releasing some very special models. Personally, for now I’m liking m43’s, just for the range of lenses and different body types – but everyone is different and will want different things.

  • Anonymous

    there is the nx20, its right under you nose if you want a evf. The a35 is a dslr , their cheapr to make so dont compare the two. Second the A system is dying or dead, since minolta screwed it up and went to sony, it hasnt gotten better. third, why focus on Samsungs cameras when you can focus on how sony nex lenses suck, which they do. no good if you get a nice camera but the lenses suck, right? focus on that, Sony nex lenses suck, its not a secret, even nex users know this.

    As for m43, oh and you must know this but if you dont ill tell you..their low isos suck shit. cant use any other words but that..the low isos absolutely suck SHIT. Their lenses are a rip off, they cahrge canikon prices but they aint. well, its your money bro, you can overspend wherever you want.LOL

  • Anonymous

    Id like to buy a Fuji, m43 and Sony camera without getting ripped off too, buddy, but we cant have everthing we want in life can we?