To steal the show to the competition Sony will announce their new A-mount strategy in late September. They will introduce new APS-C and FF A-mount (!) mirrorless cameras. Sony will be the first company to switch their DSLR A-mount system to full mirrorless. And according to latest rumors we got it also looks like Olympus will finally merge the two systems (FT and MFT) in one camera. There will be no more a classic DSLR line. Olympus will launch a High End Micro Four Thirds camera with a sort of integrated Four Thirds mount adapter. This could also mark the end of the classic Olympus E DSLR line.

Are Sony and Olympus anticipating the future? Is DSLR dead or are they just trying to differentiate themselves from the almost impossible to beat Nikon-Canon DSLR dominance? only time will tell...


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