Fuji X-A1 “cheap” X-mount camera to be unveiled on September 17.


On September 17, at 5am London time Fuji will finally unveil the cheapest of all X-mount cameras, the X-A1! And I really don’t think we will have to wait much longer for a more “serious” new X-mount camera. Fuji has set one more announcement for late October. It’s going to be a nice time for Fuji lovers :)


  • mj

    Err…..how exactly is a two year old Nikon post related to this Fuji post??

  • derek

    this is an ugly camera.

    • Izumi

      Only in the eye of the beholder.

    • g.b

      The real camera looks a bit differet and personally I prefer the look of the photoshopped one. But I’m sure there will be people who’ll say “hey, the X-A1 looks more modern and stylish” whereas others will think “the leathering of the X-M1 goes much better with the retro style”. So beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder. 😉

  • Ci-Lee

    A more serious X-body you say? If its weather-sealed, has the updated PDAF/CDAF and keeps/improves on the hybrid finder, I’ll have to dust off the XP1 box and set up an eBay auction!!

    What of news about a larger sensor X20/30?? Now that my X20 is permanently ‘on loan’ to my gf, need to consider a carryall camera or a second body like the XM1 or XE1…