Fuji sold one hundred thousand X100 cameras!


Yes, that’s right! Fuji sold one hundred thousand X100 cameras! That’s what they affirm on their latest financial report (Click here to download / via Fujirumors / via NoisyC).
That’s a lot for a camera that has a fixed prime lens “only”, has an “old style” design and hasn’t been pushed by a big advertising campaign a là Canon and Nikon. It means that we have at least 100k real photographers out there…just joking :)

Chapeau to Fuji for trying to find a new way to think digital camera products. That was really needed after years of Rebel cameras and always same looking Nikon DSLR! My only complain is that the Fuji X PRO 1 is a little bit too expensive for me. With $200 less it would have certainly become a hotseller!

Fuju X100 order links: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

  • hexx

    well done Fuji!!!!

  • Ben Miller

    Any word on US pricing for the Fuji X Pro 1?

  • modsnrockers

    exactly 100k!
    not even 95.7k
    or 107k

    • Vlad

      Obviously, near that number.

  • Esrhan

    I definitely would have bought an X100 by now, but I read the firmware is still lacking, manual focus is bad and the sticky aperture blade problem has been largely ignored? These are some pretty serious cons for the price you’re paying. I think I can assume that if these issues get fixed, perhaps in an X200, then that’ll be another good seller.

    • hexx

      – firmware has been updated
      – sticky blade issue seems to be affecting small number of customers and Fuji will replace it for you free of charge (I’ve done over 2000 shots and had no problem)
      – manual focus is bad but you don’t have to use it at all

  • Karsten Seiferlin

    I have one of them, since July. It is a great camera. The IQ is amazing. The way how it feels in the hands, the viewfinder, the almost totally silent operation – a dream.

    At the beginning I was also “at war” with the tiny flimsy controls at the back and with the “special” menu organisation, but I found that I hardly use any of these. Once the camera is set up to your liking, you use it to delete a shot or to format the SD card, that’s about it.

    • hexx

      exactly, there are only following scenarios when I access menu:
      – format SD card
      – turn auto ISO on or off

      that’s it

  • Low Budget Dave

    In related news, Sears sold 100,000 khaki photographer’s vests.

  • nep

    10,000*999$= 10,000,000$ and the profit is 50%?

    • Vivek


  • Rob

    > With $200 less it would have certainly become a hotseller!

    Pretty sure your article is saying that it is a hot seller?!

    • Ageha

      He said that about the X PRO 1 not the X100!

  • mirrorless

    X100 looks very good.. much better than X pro1. I wonder why they made X pro 1 body so big?

  • Rob

    Ah, I see you are talking about the X Pro 1 becoming a hot seller. Well, we’ll have to wait and see about that one.

  • jesse

    I would have bought one by now. But i find the current price point and the bugs/shortcommings to much. I’m sure they will keep a prime model next to the xpro so I’m holding out for the x200.

  • Anonymous

    The x100 has amazing image quality and the lens is very good.


    The x100 has terrible unreliable autofocus,completely unusable Manual focus and the software is very buggy and unintuitive.

    Fujifilm seriously needs a firmware update for this camera, considering it is not yet discontinued and it is so successful. If they do not support their product with a FW update for a ‘premium’ enthusiast camera such as the x100, how do they expect loyal customers to pay $1700 for the XPRO1 body only and receive the same treatment?

  • Matt

    Love my X100. To me there really is no camera like it. Yes it has it’s quirks, but most simply require a little adjustment. The X-Pro1 I think is over-the-top and defeats what the X100 was about, still really nice I am sure, but with similar issues it really isn’t ‘pro’ enough for it’s price point. I can forgive the quirkiness of the X100 but I could never forgive the X-Pro1 for the same issues.

    100,000 is pretty good going considering the supply constraints Fuji had for the first few months, well done in creating a wonderful, successful niche camera. Now I don’t care if the AF can’t be made faster, but please pretty please make the MF work better :)

  • slave

    to my mind x100′ size and disign is better than X PRO 1’s is. i wish X PRO ! looks like x100

  • cosinaphile

    the x 100 has the best iq if any apsc on the market
    it has the most powerful custom jpeg engine of any camera on earth , it has the most versitile vf of any camera on earth

    go with an open mind and shoot with an x 100 for a week and view the results and you will put your gigantic polycarbonite meteorite ….err i mean your DSLR in the trash bin


    • hexx

      and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my gigantic polycarbonate meteorite 😀 – no just kidding, I’ve given it to a friend of mine

    • slave

      and how can you live with only fixed lens? what about portraits, wide landscapes, etc?

      • hexx

        exactly the same way as before, 35mm was literally welded on to my dSLR. I’ve had other lenses too but I’ve used telephoto only 5x :) not my style of photography, I enjoy landscapes and started to lurk around streets to see if street photography is for me or not.

        • slave

          but mostly 35 mm isn’t enough wide for landscapes

          • hexx

            not enough for ultra wide shots, which I was never really big fan of

  • Vivek

    To put this in perspective:

    Nikon sold >1 million of their first low priced DSLR, the D70.

  • Jeff

    Got mine a few weeks ago. Most fun and awesome camera I have ever had, and I have a slew of full frame Nikons with f/1.4 lenses. I love my X100 more.

  • Jon

    Why don’t the camera manufacturers build a decent compact camera? Something like a rangefinder style, it must have manual and aperture and priority settings. All this at a reasonable price, and not a silly over inflated price. The cameras out at the moment are very poor indeed, with the exception of the fuji x100 this is a nice little camera, but very poor video. Also the price is crazy, it should be about £200 in price, there is no need to be asking £700 for it.

    The fuji x100 is too expensive

  • Evjenij

    That’s one hundred thousand idiots we have out there.